Five ways to raise your start-up money

You can’t start a business with no money at all, but you can do a lot with just a few hundred pounds or dollars.

If you’re thinking “but I haven’t got a few hundred pounds!” then read on because I’ve got some ways you can raise your start-up funding…

1. Sell some of the unwanted stuff around your home

One of the ways you could raise some cash to fund your new business is to sell any jewellery that you have hanging around but no longer want. There are many businesses that will be happy to buy your jewellery, like this one.

Or you could sell anything else, such as toys or clothes that your children have grown out of. Try Ebay or a local Facebook swap-and-sell page.

2. Freelance

Everyone has a sellable skill – if you don’t believe me, take a look at the crazy skills people are selling on! Although Fiverr wouldn’t be my top choice for making money because the pay is so low if you live in the west (its not so bad if you’re in say, India or the Phillipines) it is great for getting ideas. When you’ve worked out what you have to offer, I’d recommend setting up an account on, or rather than Fiverr.

Do you have any self-employed friends? They might need some short-term help with something as simple as basic data-entry or mailing out some catalogues.

3. Barter

This doesn’t make you actual cash but it could save you lots of business costs, such as your website or a logo. So work out what you need and swap skills with someone else who is just starting out.

4. Family loan

If you’re very lucky you may find a family member will lend you the money you need. If you do this it’s best to put this in writing so you’re both clear about how much is being borrowed, when you’ll pay it back and any input the lender is going to have into your business. This will help prevent tension later on.

5. Spread the payments

If you can’t afford something in one payment, you could try to negotiate spreading it over (say) four monthly payments instead. That will give you time to make some money using the methods above. Don’t be shy about asking because often a business would prefer to have you on a payment plan than lose you as a customer. Check that they aren’t charging you a lot extra for this, though.

There you go, five great ways to raise a few hundred pounds (or it’s equivalent in services). What are you waiting for? 🙂


4 Replies to “Five ways to raise your start-up money”

    1. Great tip, thanks! Yes, you can try to find ways to save the money. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a big difference to your business fund. 🙂

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