Review: Sales, Pricing and Marketing Skills course

Today we have guest poster Joan Walllington of Little Hands Music reviewing the Sales, Pricing and Marketing Skills course from High Speed Training:

I agreed to review a course for High Speed Training today and decided to pick the Sales, Pricing and Marketing Skills course. High Speed Training offer lots of different courses and a fantastic way of getting qualifications quickly if you are wishing to update your existing skills or add new skills to your business, and their website is very clear and easy to follow, just hard to decide which course as there are so many to choose!

Once I decided which course to do, it was very easy to log on, and I was able to start the course straight away and at a time convenient to me, and able to stop and restart whenever I wished to.

The course content are a selection of slide show of text and images and some thought provoking questions, and a great course to do if you are new to business. Having being in business for quite a few years now, I found it thought provoking and more recapping on things I was aware of and perhaps could put more into practice.

The only flaw I found was that I wanted to read it at my own pace instead of listening to someone else read the content to me, but the good part is that I could pause it whenever I wished, so if there was an interruption, I could deal with that, and then carry on the learning.

I personally wanted a quick course and update my skills, and was very impressed at the speed I could progress and that I could obtain a certificate and equally put into practice the tips and ideas from the course, and so increase sales as well as skills.

I would recommend High Speed Training, as it is as it says, High Speed, and I will definitely carry on doing other courses with them.

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