My advice to myself on my baby’s 5th birthday

Last week my baby (well, my first baby!) had her fifth birthday! So if I could go back to when I decided to not return to work full-time, what would I say to myself? And what’s my advice to you if you’re trying to balance business and baby?

Let me tell you in this video…

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7 Replies to “My advice to myself on my baby’s 5th birthday”

  1. Love this post. Totally rings true!

    Being 4 years in to what I think is a 6 year ‘being at home journey’ I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    And I can also see the day when my babies become independent people and don’t need me as much and it breaks my heart!!!!!!

    Never happy are we?!?!?!?!

    1. I can relate to never being happy, if you see what I mean! It goes something like “I’m really looking forward to them starting school because I’ll actually be able to GET STUFF DONE FOR A CHANGE but then again they are growing up fast and one day they won’t need me!” I just try to enjoy each stage for what it is, and if there’s something that’s hard to deal with then it won’t last long because kids change so fast.

  2. Great video and lovely comments that ring true to me, as my daughter will be five this year as well (not ’til October, mind you!) and starting school, woohoo! I started my business when she was two and a bit (and when her big brother was six and a half, so he’s nearly nine, how did that happen?), and it’s only really now that I am starting to think about how I can push it forwards a bit and feel like it’s a ‘proper’ business, if you like. Still feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends a lot of the time – and not in the partying sense anymore! 🙂

    1. It’s a proper business! My partner was very happy with the work you did for him. he said you were very professional.

      I recommended you after you put a tweet out (or somewhere on the social media places where we both congregate, Homeworking UK on LinkedIn?) saying you were specialising in dictation, which I remembered.

  3. Thank you! I completely understand that ‘proper business’ feeling, and how it can feel a very long way off sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

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