Whatever happened to my new blog, WomanPlusBusiness.com?

Just a few weeks ago I launched my new blog, WomanPlusBusiness.com. And I’ve decided to close it down already!

Why on earth would I do that? Let me explain….

Back last year I realised that I was blogging about subjects here at Business Plus Baby that would be useful for any woman with a small business, but that by having ‘baby’ in the title that I may be turning some readers away. Also, I know that many mums of small kids are just starting out with their businesses and need beginner-level info, whereas some of my readers who have been with a me a few years are ready for posts with a bit more depth to them.

So Woman Plus Business was me broadening out and opening up to more readers.

My intention just after the Woman Plus Business launch was to get as much feedback from new readers as I could. I wanted to make sure I posted articles and videos that were incredibly useful and just what my readers wanted.  So immediately  after readers signed up for my mailing list I asked them (in a video) what their number one business challenge was. I also talked to women micro-business owners face-to-face at networking events.

This was a great strategy and I felt I got a good idea of what this group really wanted. It turns out that they desperately wanted help with online marketing. The good news was that I could absolutely help with this and was excited about doing so.

So it made total sense for me to focus on online marketing instead of the wider range of topics I’d been planning.

The not-so-good news was that after just a few weeks I had a blog that was focused on the wrong subject.  I worked out a way of twisting Woman Plus Business into an online marketing blog  but it didn’t feel right. I kept procrastinating over promoting Woman Plus Business. For me that was a sure sign that something was wrong because I’m not normally a big procrastinator. So I went with my gut and decided it was time to move on.

Rather than come up with a new brand for another new blog I decided to keep things simple and just show up using my own name. So from now on I’ll be blogging about online marketing over at HelenLindop.com, as well as continuing as usual here at Business Plus Baby.

Even though Woman Plus Business wasn’t working for me, I’ve written some posts there that I’m really proud of, so I’ll be republishing them on either HelenLindop.com or here at Business Plus Baby depending on where they fit best.

If you’re wondering what I’ve learned from all this, then here it is…

1) I spent months trying to get Woman Plus Business ‘right’ before I launched in January.  I should have launched earlier and got feedback sooner because I would have saved myself some time.

2) You never know if something is going to work unless you put it out there for other people to see. The great thing about web-based products and businesses now is that you can keep trying out new stuff without wasting tons of time or money. Experiment and don’t be afraid of failure because failure is an integral part of the process. If you’re going to fail then you need to do it fast so you can learn and move on.

3) Always, always listen to your audience. They will tell you if you’re on the right track in a way that going around in circles inside your own mind never will.

4) If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right. I had bad vibes about Woman Plus Business on the run up to launch, but I told myself it was pre-launch nerves. I need to learn to listen to my gut more.

So what’s next for me? I’ll be blogging about online marketing and social media over at Helenlindop.com, so I’d love it if you fancy popping over to say hello. My next project is a Twitter marketing online course, and I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

And huge thanks to you for your support as I launched Woman Plus Business, too. 🙂 I really do appreciate it.

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22 Replies to “Whatever happened to my new blog, WomanPlusBusiness.com?”

  1. Thanks Julia, I really appreciate your comment. Yes it’s made me a little nervous both to pull the plug so soon and to blog under my own name. But in this kind of business I think you just need to keep moving forwards fast.

  2. Helen – you’re a brave lady. You provide so much useful information for all of us. I often feel you are writing your blog just for me! I am a big fan of the ‘just get it out there and see what happens school of thought’. Lots and lots of luck to you. Nicola

    1. Thank you very much Nicola! And good luck with your new venture too. I’m really pleased I’m writing stuff that you find helpful. 🙂

  3. Wow, what a brave move Helen. Love the fact that you haven’t hidden the changes too. Look forward to seeing your marketing online info at helenlindop.com 🙂

    1. It’s hard to hide things online (…because people always find out in the end). Plus I’m terrible at hiding stuff in general so I don’t really bother any more. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Jen!

  4. This is a smart move becauss when I think of you i think of you as Helen lindop savvy woman who will help get my business out there. So its totally right you blog at Helen lindop because you are the expert I want to hear from. Love your honesty about this. I have lot to learn about knowing when to pack my bags. I have to close down my book blog its a burden but feel too invested !! need to take a leaf out of your book

    1. Aww thank you Becky, that means a lot. I think that knowing whether/when to give up or keep going is the toughest decision in life, I really do struggle with this one.

      I completely understand that feeling of having invested so much, but I try to see it this way – there’s nothing you can do about the time you’ve invested in the past, but you can change where you invest your time in the future. And nothing is ever wasted, I’ll bet most of that time you’ve spent isn’t ‘in’ your blog, it’s in what you’ve learned, the connections you’ve made and the books it has encouraged you to read.

  5. Congratulations Helen on being so up front and honest – you could so easily have glossed over this, told a few friends privately and then we would have all just sashayed over to Helenlindop.com -love that you followed your gut and told us all about it. Shows such integrity. I’m sure we all have examples where we have skipped down a path to discover it was complete cul-de-sac but may not have been public about it. A great reminder that actions are never wasted. Thanks Helen and lots of luck.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Elinor! Actually I’m really bad at glossing over stuff. Maybe I should see that as a good thing rather than a bit of a problem 😉

  6. It’s only by trying something we get to see the outcome. You have done that so you have achieved, not failed! Totally agree with stopping something that doesn’t “feel” right, can be so detrimental to our health although when we’re “in” something it’s hard to see what’s actually there, so getting feedback from others is essential. Carry on the good work Helen, I will continue to follow what you’re doing with interest. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Julie 🙂 You know, I really hadn’t considered that doing something that doesn’t feel right could be detrimental to your health. But you’re right, and I guess that’s why it’s good to know a counsellor!

  7. Great decision 🙂 I work in partnership with my husband and always wonder where I fit in. I feel a fraud within women only networking etc as so much of what I do is equally if not more so by my husband.

    So this is perfect even though I read plus baby and my two are 13 & 11!!!

    HelenLindop.com sounds very professional exactly what you are 🙂

    1. Thanks Ali! Actually I did feel a bit of tension in my own mind about the ‘woman’ thing, so it’s good to hear your perspective on this one. Women do business differently and have different priorities, but our lives are not separate and everything we do impacts on the people around us. Plus men running small businesses want to know more about online marketing too.

      But I definitely wouldn’t feel a fraud at women’s networking events as I think you’re perfectly entitled to be there. And I’m really pleased to have you as a reader even though your children are well beyond their baby days!

  8. Helen, my two take-aways…

    As long as you learn something from it every endeavor is a win and we should never stop trying something new. Second, that “inner partner” is one of our best assets as women in business. Always find time to listen.

    You’re an amazing woman!

    1. Wow, thank you Susan! I really like the ‘inner partner’ idea , I will definitely give her a call next time I need her. 🙂

  9. Nice move Helen! Brave, bold and am in no doubt will be ultimately successful. I know you think you procrastinated , but frankly , when you look back you’ll be proud you did just get on with it. Onwards and upwards!

  10. Hi Helen, congrats on the relaunch and wanted to say I admire your courage and honesty in closing down the business that didn’t work. Woman plus business seems like such a great concept but if it wasn’t right for you then it wasn’t right. I agree with one of the comments above where someone said people want to hear from you, so blog in your own name. That seems to be a growing trend now.

    I’m going through a similar rebrand at the moment as my business has evolved a lot over the past 2.5 years and I no longer feel the “women” only focus is right. Like you, I focus on online marketing and have decided to combine my online marketing skills with my small business skills and help business owners embrace “modern” marketing. Regardless of gender!

    Timely to read your post as I’ve spent the past couple of weeks agonising about the name of my new business. Perhaps I should follow your lead and build it around my cassiehicks.com site! Hadn’t even considered that. Food for thought…hmm!

    Look forward to seeing how your new business evolves and hope it’s a massive success for you.

  11. I agree Cassie, Woman Plus Business would be a great concept for the right person, but not for me (…if you know anyone who wants the domain name, please send them my way 🙂 ). Thanks for your kind words and wishing you loads of success in your own rebrand and business!

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