I’m launching my new blog today!

It’s been a long time coming, but today I’m proud to present…WomanPlusBusiness.com!

So why did I want to start a new blog? Let me tell you…

Here’s a summary of what I say in the video:

I started Business Plus Baby over three years ago now after I realised I didn’t want to leave my baby in a nursery and go back to work full time. I couldn’t find the information I needed online, so I decided to start my own website.

Three years on, many of my readers have school-aged children, have more time and business experience and are ready for more. On the other hand, I have new mum readers too who are short on time, experience (and sleep!) who I don’t want to forget about. I’ve been there, I know what that’s like and three years down the line I have information to pass on that will help you.

So lately I’ve felt like I need to split in two to meet the needs of both groups. Plus, I know there are many women I’m not reaching, either because they don’t have kids at all or because their kids are older. Had I discovered BusinessPlusBaby.com when I was childless and newly self-employed (the first time I went self-employed!)  I wouldn’t have given it a second look because of its title. Even though there would have been lots of incredibly useful information there for me.

So…I’ve actually decided to split in two!

I’ll continue to write and speak about growing a business around a young family at Business Plus Baby and I’ll write about mindset and marketing strategies for women at Woman Plus Business.

I’d be delighted to see you over at WomanPlusBusiness.com, please do have a look around and even leave me a comment.

I have a fab new e-book ‘How to sell online: Your essential guide to making more sales and more money‘ over there that I’m sure you’ll want to download, too.

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