That’s it. No more New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s resolutions have never worked that well for me. But that didn’t stop my brain filling up with all the things I needed to better in 2013.

  • I need to create lots of new training courses
  • I should lose some weight
  • I should get fit
  • I should do  more voluntary work
  • I should get more clients

It was all getting pretty exhausting, and that was before Christmas had even begun!

So this year I’ve decided to NOT do more. Instead I’m going to simplify.

I’ve made a video that explains how I’m going to do it….

If you’d like to join me, please do leave me a comment to tell me what you’re going to stop doing this year!

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7 Replies to “That’s it. No more New Year’s Resolutions!”

  1. I love your video, Helen. I do believe that people don’t succeed at their New Year’s resolutions because they are often not realistic. Anyway, this year, I am going to stop procrastinating and making excuses and get on with it (whatever ‘it’ happens to be each time).

  2. Oh I like this Helen – so simple but not so easy to do. When people ask me ‘isn’t it hard being self-employed?’ I nod vigorously and hear myself saying time and again ‘yeh it’s really tough’ and then spout on about all the reasons why. Enough! I am self-employed because I want to have a really good time doing what I love and am really good at. So I’m going to get out of my own way and stop saying it’s tough because the more I say that then, guess what… the tougher it will be. I guess the Protestant work ethic has a lot to answer for – I expect to have to work hard and slog to earn money – no more – my 2013 work ethic is going to be all about having a bloomin’ great time enjoying being self-employed. Wish me luck;)

    1. Oooh that’s a good one. I like that. I also slip into the protestant work ethic from time to time, so I need to watch that one too! Good luck and let us know how it all goes!

    1. Thank you! I try to do too much too, but this year I’m improving my planning and (after getting over the shock of finding out just how little time I actually have 🙂 ) I’m finding I’m getting better at throwing out the things I don’t want to do or that aren’t so likely to be that successful. It’s easy to fall into the trap of just doing stuff because it comes along and it sounds interesting at the time. These days I’m getting a bit more strict with myself and my time.

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