Your first ever YouTube video: how to get over the fear

Is the fear of being on screen stopping you from promoting your business using video?

That would be a shame, because not that many small businesses are using video. So you could easily get ahead of your competitors simply by making a product demo video on your mobile phone and uploading it to YouTube today. Also, being able to see you talking is great for building a relationship with your clients, especially if you run a web-based business.

I uploaded my first ever proper vlog (video blog) a couple of weeks ago  – you can see it here : why comparing yourself to other mums in business is such a bad idea.

I had a great response, which has been brilliant for my confidence (thank you!) And it certainly showed me that people pay attention to blog content that’s just a bit different to what they usually expect (well, from me at least 🙂 )

A few people said that they’ve been meaning to get around to creating a video for a while, but they keep making excuses!

So I thought I’d share a four tips that really helped me get over the ‘cringe factor’ of making my first video.

In the video I mention Screencast-O-Matic, which is free, quick and easy software for making screencast-style videos.

I also want to tell you about a blog that has shown me just how do-able video really is: SimpleVloggingTips,com. So a big thank you to Jendi, the owner.

And if you want to make a software demo video, take a look at my tutorial.

So what are you waiting for? Go and make that video!

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8 Replies to “Your first ever YouTube video: how to get over the fear”

  1. That video is fantastic Jen, and the way it fits so well into the whole tutorial post is just brilliant. I’m mostly clueless about interior design and even I was sitting here thinking “Wow, I had no idea you could do that? How on earth would you even put that on your wall….? Oh right, that’s how you do it….very clever!” I was gripped!

    Plus you’ve given me tip number five for getting over the fear of doing video – make a video of someone else and just do the voiceover. 🙂

  2. That’s brilliant Helen. You come across so well and the content is rather inspiring! Do you think I could just do it on my phone and then edit it? We do have a video camera somewhere (not disorganised really). Are you using a proper video camera.

    Lots of food for thought…

    1. Well thank you very much! I’d definitely recommend trying it with whatever camera you’ve got to hand because you’ll learn so much from the first one. I’d try to keep the camera as still as you possibly can and get up close so that you get a steady picture and decent sound, but other than that just go for it. I’m not sure what file format the iPhone creates, but I should think you can edit them? In fact the files from my Android phone are easier to deal with than the ones of my camcorder because the JVC Everio (camcorder) has an unusual file format (.MOD).

      Speaking of my camcorder….It’s just our family camcorder that I’ve sat on an ordinary tripod that we’ve had for years. Eventually I think I’ll get another camcorder because it doesn’t have a socket for an external mic and the format of the files is a pain, but it’s fine for now while I’m still learning. I’m teaching myself editing using Corel VideoStudio, again because it’s what we happen to have already, but I believe most computers come with free editing software anyway.

      Let me know when you’ve made that video!

  3. Ok Helen, I am definitely one of those that have been meaning to do a video. So, I have decided to do a promotional video for the next networking event. Hope I don’t chicken out 🙂 Thanks for these tips they are very help full. x

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