Does WordPress drive you nuts?

Here’s the problem. Just about everyone recommends WordPress as the best way to run a blog (me included). I’d also recommend it to you if you’re setting up a business website that isn’t a blog.

It really is that good.

But anything this powerful does, of course, have a downside.

WordPress is so flexible because you can adapt it in virtually any way you want. You can add themes and plug ins to give you any look or feature you could possibly want – and many of these are cheap or even free. But that does mean a lot of fiddling around. Not a major problem if you’re a techy, but most of us aren’t.

So you end up doing one of three things:

1. Trying to work it all out for yourself, spending hours messing around with code that you barely understand and reading up on support forums where the advice is contradictory and downright confusing.

2. Asking your husband or brother-in-law to do it. Then you feel guilty every time you need to go back to him for an update, yet you’re too scared to try it yourself in case you break something and create yet more work for the poor guy. And it takes him months to get anything done because he’s a busy bloke and you can’t exactly chase him up because he’s working for free.

3. Paying someone to do it for you and then having to go back to them and spend more money every time you need a tiny bit of tweaking done. Even when you think you know how to do it yourself, you’re too afraid to try in case you break something and have to pay a hefty bill to have it put right. Then your tech person is off sick so you have to wait a couple of weeks for her to get better and a couple more to clear the backlog of work she’s built up.

It’s all so bloody frustrating.

(By the way, these examples are all taken from people I know.)

It’s fantastic to be able to do at least some of this stuff yourself, but who has the time to learn it all?

Well, I may just have the solution – The Blog Marketing Academy Tech Workshop.

The workshop is by David Risley, owner of the Blog Marketing Academy and technology blogger for the last fourteen years. So he really knows his stuff.

I’m currently working through David’s Blog Masters Club, which is a huge 6 month course on building a long-term business with a blog at the centre.  I’ve learned so much from this course that it’s blown my mind, and I’ve been blogging for three years now so I’m certainly not a beginner. In fact the only reason I’ve not recommended the Blog Masters Club to you until now is that it’s closed to new members.

The point I’m trying to make here is that David Risley is an expert in this stuff and is good at explaining it, too.

So go take a look at The Blog Marketing Academy Tech Workshop and see if it could help you with your technical problems.

Don’t hang around because the price is going up incrementally, so the sooner you grab it the less it will cost you.

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