You’re doing OK (yes really, you are.)

Are you feeling under a lot of pressure?

Pressure from you family and kids, pressure from your work, deadlines and clients. Then there’s the pressure you put on yourself.

We live in a culture that often values what we achieve over who we are.

I just want to tell you this: you’re doing OK. Really.

It’s OK to just be you.

You don’t need to be running a company valued in the millions, to have advanced degrees, a beautiful house or spotless children.

You’re OK just as you are.

(Need more convincing? Take a look at this post Your children need YOU and its 425 comments)

I know that sometimes the pressure gets too much and you end up flipping your lid.

Like shouting at the kids a split second before you switch to being Mrs Ultra-Professional when a client phones up. Or ending up in floods of tears because some old fool criticises your parking at the supermarket.

Yeah, it’s not big or clever. But it’s OK. It happens to us all.

So just for today, give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack.

It really will be OK.

Creative Commons License photo credit: theinfinite


7 Replies to “You’re doing OK (yes really, you are.)”

  1. It’s so good to hear this, even if it is from a stranger! My business is just taking off and juggling kids and clients can be a challenge.

  2. Thanks Grace, much appreciated! And isn’t that ‘Children need you’ post great?

    Rebecca, it certainly is a challenge. And it’s weird, but sometimes I find advice affects me more when it comes from strangers. 🙂

  3. Just came across this post, although it was a few months ago now, and I agree, sometimes you do need to tell yourself you’re doing okay. I manage to get a bit of work done every day (even if it’s working 8pm to 11pm!), the children are always clean(ish) and fed and they always get to school/nursery and their clubs on time! House could do with a bit of a tidy though! 😉

    1. Thanks Catherine! It’s so easy for us to have sky-high expectations and although life can feel like total chaos sometimes, we’re actually doing pretty well. I think all of us mums with businesses wish out houses were tidier, though. I certainly do. 🙂

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