Shine: My first audio blog

This is my first ever audio blog post!

I explain why I decided to give audio a go in the recording (it’s only 2 minutes long).

I also talk about Shine (, the new website from Karen Gunton of which launches on the 14th February (that’s today if you’re in Australia, tomorrow for us Brits!)

This is also the first time I’ve used Audioboo, which is an audio social network. It’s like YouTube, but for audio clips instead of video. If you’d like to follow me on Audioboo, my username is ‘hlindop’. So far Audioboo has been great – really easy to use and free for recordings of up to 3 minutes.

Here it is:

Shine: My first Audioboo (mp3)


Creative Commons License photo credit: Suicine

6 Replies to “Shine: My first audio blog”

  1. thanks for sharing! really like the build a little biz website so will check this other one out. Am also going to check out about audio – use video quite a lot but like you I like trying new things out!

  2. Lovely to hear your voice – you are so right, audio really does connect in a different way to written blogs and for that reason can make us feel even more vulnerable so thank you for taking the plunge. That intimate connection is part of the reason why I really enjoy telephone coaching – must admit I was initially a bit sceptical when I first tried it back in the dim and distant but I love it.
    What Karen is doing is great – thanks for sharing this. Wierdly I’ve made some lovely connections in the last few months in Oz too – perhaps this is a message to us to emigrate to a warmer climes or am I just thinking this because it’s pouring with rain right now! Good luck and looking forward to the next audio.

    1. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, I must have missed this comment a few weeks ago. Thanks for your comment and it’s good to know you liked my audio post. I’ve met some fab Australian business mums online too, the mumpreneur scene in Oz seems very active and vibrant (plus they show up in Google searches because they spell ‘mum’ with a ‘u’ and not an ‘o’, I guess!)

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