October’s Business Mums Blog Carnival is Live – and I need your opinion!

This month’s carnival is a monster!

No, not because it’s almost Halloween, but because this month we had double the number of entries we normally get!

This month’s host Emma has very kindly done two carnival posts, one today and another next Friday, so your post has the best possible chance of being read and not lost amongst all the others. So a great big ‘thanks!’ to Emma for all her hard work this week.

Head over and take a look at the carnival here, at Mum’ Business Directory. Please do have a read of the posts and leave some comments!

Because we’ve had so many entries this month (35 compared to a typical 17-to-20ish), I’m now thinking of ways we can make the task of putting the carnival together less work for future hosts, but at the same time not put a limit on numbers. I don’t want to make a rule that (say) only the best 20 get in, because this is about promoting your business, not a writing competition. I’m thinking that using a Linky, where everyone adds their links to the bottom of a post, might be the best way forward but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Where do you think the carnival should go from here?

3 Replies to “October’s Business Mums Blog Carnival is Live – and I need your opinion!”

  1. I haven’t joined in for a while but I think it is nice to have a submission carnival and then a post rather than a linky as that way you get the hosts personality too…

  2. ~ I also haven’t submitted a post for a while but agree with Elaine that posts are better than adding link’s … way more personal! ~ Cx

  3. I agree with you there, that personal touch is much nicer than a Linky. OK, maybe the way to go is to keep the carnival as it is ans see what happens? Perhaps the number of posts this month was just a fluke 🙂

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