From Tweet to Telegraph

Proving that PR is possible on a tiny budget (in fact no budget at all!) Business Plus Baby guest contributor Frances Weir had her children’s book box featured in last week’s Telegraph Magazine, as the direct result of a Tweet…

“I had read the ‘Children’s Notebook’ column in the magazine before and thought it was beyond my wildest dreams to ever feature there” says Frances. “But out of interest, I decided to Google the name of the columnist, and I saw she had a Twitter account. So I Tweeted her, asking if she would like to receive a sample. She sent me a Direct Message in reply and I posted the bookcase to her”.

After receiving the box, the columnist contacted Frances to ask for more information about how she came up with the idea. Two weeks later, Frances had an email from the Picture Desk of the Telegraph asking for a cut-out product shot, and a lifestyle shot for the 22 October issue…

This demonstrates what a powerful PR tool Twitter can be for small businesses, as it gives immediate access to journalists (and celebrities) with just a click of a mouse.

Congratulations Frances!

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