Are you wondering if you could start a business?

Are you wondering…

  • I could offer a better service than that / I wonder why there isn’t there a service for that?
  • Why doesn’t anyone sell them, I wonder if could source and sell them.
  • I love making them, I wonder if people would buy them?

Do these sound familiar to you? Do you find yourself wondering if you could turn an idea you have into a business?

If you have received poor service from a company, then others may have too, so there could possibly be lots of readyand waiting customers who would be more than happy to go elsewhere for better service. If you think you could offer it, look into it further… How many other similar companies are there offering the same service? Look at what they all offer. As well as good customer service, how could you also improve on what they offer, are there extra services you could offer, could you offer a more competitive price? Or, If a service that you have looked for isn’t available, find out how much of a demand there is or would be for it. You may want that service, but there has to be a big enough demand for that service to make a profitable business.

If you can never find certain products in the shops and wonder why, first ask why they don’t stock them. There may be a good reason why they don’t! Ask other people if they would buy the product/s to see how big the demand is. You may like to be able to buy purple loo roll, but is the demand for it big enough! If you find that the demand is there, begin to source wholesale companies that could supply you. Simply search the web for ‘uk wholesalers of’ and then whatever products/s you are looking for.

If you love making something and wonder if people would buy them, start by taking a table at a local fair or craft market. Your local schools and nurseries are a good place to start. Give them a call and ask when they will next be having a fair, they will usually be glad of your support. You will be able to chat to people about your items, get feedback and if you sell some, great! If you are on Facebook, open a business page too. It’s a great place to share photo’s of your work, ask for feedback and maybe make a sale or two as well!

If, at any time, your thoughts have been (or will be!) ‘Me? I couldn’t start a business!’ then ‘snap’! I thought that too! But you can!

There is a huge amount of information and support out there.

Join a networking group so you can meet others who are either thinking of setting up their own business or who are already doing it! If you are a mum, see if there is a Mumpreneurs’ Networking Club near you. Networking is a great way to get inspiration, ask for feedback on your ideas and source any other information you need. Creating a network around you of others who are also looking into or already run their own business will give you the support and inspiration you need. If you are a mum and are wondering how you could run a business around family life, it really is good to meet other mums who are already doing it!

There’s nothing better than the moment you find yourself thinking ‘Hey, I really could do it!’ I know, I remember my moment!

If you believe in your business idea and you want to be your own boss, then by equipping yourself with all the information you need and creating a support network around you, you really can do it!

Take a look at the fabulous websites that I have listed on my Links page for lots of wonderful Inspiration and Information!

Nikki Gomez is the owner of – Gifts, Partyware & Keepsakes, just for boys. The photo is of Nikki with her friend Baxter!

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