Why you should create your own Dream Circle

This is a guest post by Pamela Evbota, owner of Ladies Networking and author of Define Success on your Terms, 25 Simple Tips.

We are born into families we have no say about and we live with them. Even though some times they aren’t the best of people to hang out with but, on the long run we love them because we are bond by blood and love. Our friends on the other hand we get to pick them and we don’t always make the best of good character judgement because a person’s true character can’t be judged by merely looking at them. We are always hoping for the best in the friends we make and often times we have regretted associating ourselves with certain people as their personality or lack of integrity affects us whether we agree or not.  It is important we chose our friends wisely as we will be affected by what they do.

As business owners or entrepreneurs, we need to be surrounded by credible people and friends. There are times when you so badly need an honest advice to enable you make a business decision. When you are in doubt you need someone to encourage and calm your fears. A good friend is always in demand in every area of our lives.

How do you get a good friend if you haven’t got one? You need to consciously create a circle of friends that can help you take good decisions, encourage you when you are down, a listening ear when all you want to do is just talk. Someone to tell you to get serious and pursue your dream. A friend is someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth even when it hurts. Do you honestly believe you have such people around you?

You need to consciously create a circle of friends that can help you take good decisions, encourage you when you are down, a listening ear when all you want to do is just talk.

The friends we make are for a reason, a season or a life time. You have to evaluate the friends you have and know which category each belongs to. Don’t hold on to a friendship that always seem to be heading for break up. May be its season is up or maybe the friendships has served its purpose. Evaluate the friends you have and let go of any that isn’t serving any purpose but giving you heartache. When you know for sure who your friends are then it is time to set up a dream circle.

A Dream Circle is a group of friends that you can talk to about ideas that you have without fear or worries that they will steal your ideas. Friends that will tell you when you are treading the wrong path. These friends will keep you accountable to all the goals you have set for yourself. Friends that will inspire you to success.

Your dream circle is your own mastermind group. They keep you on your toes and infect you with passion to achieve your dream. To get the best out of your dream circle, try your best to know the character of each person so you know where their strength lies. The people on your dream circle shouldn’t be more that five so you can manage the goal of the circle properly.

The whole idea of a dream circle is to have friends that can support each other with motivation and accountability to achieve their dream/goals, friends that understand and appreciate each others’ dreams and are genuinely interested in helping themselves to achieve their plans. Be careful who you include in your circle the success of your dream depends on it.

Have you got a dream circle? I would like to hear from you.

To Your Success,


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One Reply to “Why you should create your own Dream Circle”

  1. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for having me over on your blog today.
    Everyone of us really do need friends that will help us stand strong when we need strength and sit with us when we need a shoulder.
    May we always find worthy friends in our dream circle

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