Buy ‘Start a Family Friendly Business’ during August and get these bonuses…

Would YOU like to start your own family friendly business this September?

Get your business off to a great start with the Start a Family Friendly Business e-book for just £6.99.

Running your own business from home is a dream shared by millions of British mums. “Start a Family-Friendly Business: 129 Brilliant Business Ideas For Mums” can help you:

* Find great business ideas that work well with a family
* Assess the ideas you have and see how they might work
* Understand your family needs and your goals for a business
* Create a plan that will put you on the first step to success.

Buy the e-book from Business Plus Baby before 31st August and you’ll also get:

* An exclusive podcast of Antonia’s and my tips to help you create a successful business
* Moving Your Business Forward: An e-book to help you clarify what you want AND achieve it by Antonia Chitty
* ‘9 Questions to Find Your Business Idea’ e-book by me.

All for just £6.99

To get your copy of Start a Family Friendly Business and this bonus pack, buy the e-book from Business Plus Baby by 31st August 2011.


Buy the e-book here:

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(Please note this offer doesn’t apply to the paperback version of the book).


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