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Many of us would love to work with a coach, but with a good coach costing a few hundred pounds a month and beyond, we find it’s out of our price range.

Having trained as a coach myself, I know that the people who could benefit the most from coaching are often the ones who can’t afford it. And that has never seemed seem fair to me, especially for mums who are working part-time. So when I heard about an affordable personal development programme called The Lemon Club, I wanted to know more.

What is The Lemon Club?

It’s an online personal development programme, that you can study at your own pace. Members get a new modules every month on a different topic, such as sales, presenting, networking and first impressions.  The course is delivered using videos, downloadable documents (PDFs), quizzes, MP3 audios (e.g. guided relaxations) and there is 1-to-1  feedback from an expert in one of the modules too. There’s also a resource library and member discounts on other personal development courses, coaching and assessments.

The Lemon Club was the idea of Sally Hindmarch, owner of  training company Partners With You, which helps people to communicate more effectively using the talents of experienced actors. Sally partnered up with Sue Carey, an expert in online product development and together they created The Lemon Club. They’ve also brought in content partners such as marketers, life coaches, sales trainers and writers, meaning the programme covers a wide range of subjects, but with expert input in each of those subject areas.

There are two membership levels: Lemon Club Professional for £37 per month and Lemon Club Lite for £20 per month. The course runs for 11 months, after that you’ll no longer be charged but you can have permanent access to all the resources in the Lemon Club. Both levels include the same videos, PDFs, audio files etc, but the professional level also includes on-going email and telephone support as well as Q & A sessions with the club’s content partners.

My experience of The Lemon Club…

I worked through most of the content in the first two modules (months) and the presentation is very professional.  The content follows the same process as you might go through with a coach, too. For example, early on in the course there is an exercise to identify your core values – what’s important to you in your life and work. The first module also includes a quiz to find your communication style, finishing with a report with hints and tips on recognising other people’s behaviours to make communicating much easier. It ends with an anxiety-busting MP3 that you can put on your iPod and use whenever you need it.

The second module is about making a good first impression and includes  managing the messages you give to others with your image, body language, smile and colour psychology, as well as managing your inner voice.

I definitely learned a thing or two from these two modules. The section on colour psychology was something I haven’t done before – I knew the colour white suggested purity, but did you know it could also suggest something is expensive? And the section on what ‘smart-casual’ really means in business would have been useful to me in my pre-internet business days!

Who is The Lemon Club for?

I would say The Lemon Club is for you if you want an all-round personal development programme to help you achieve more in your working life. You’ll need to be self-disciplined as there is no coach checking to make sure you’ve done your homework. But if you take action (rather than just reading and watching), this course really could bring you greater success in your business.

It would work well for you if you were already doing reasonably well, but wanted to enhance your skills to make you more confident, polished and professional. Perhaps you’ve recently moved from employment to your own business and find you need to be better at selling yourself, or you want to brush up the first impression others have of you. Or maybe you need to build your confidence and people skills so you can take your business to the next level.

In summary..

The Lemon Club is a great quality online personal development programme that fills the gap that so many coaches don’t: the big gap between self-help books and one-to-one coaching.

Oh and why is it called  The Lemon Club? Well, you’ll have to join to find out!

To sign up and for more information, go to The Lemon Club’s website.

The Lemon Club - Personal Development Online

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  1. Am all for personal development and as a coach I think it is vital that you keep on developing yourself. This is the kind of thing I can recommend to friends so thank you.

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