Save around 90% on courses by 22 authors and top bloggers

Let me tell you about the Only 72 sale… 🙂

From now until Thursday 23 June, you can download courses from 22 popular bloggers and authors for a fraction of their full prices. That’s $1087 of courses for $97.

This isn’t your usual hypey offer where the prices have been inflated, either. These courses are for sale on the authors’ blogs for the full prices listed.

The courses include personal development e-books, email courses and mp3 audios on things like creativity, fitness, productivity, plus overcoming uncertainty, fear and stress.  You can see the full list here…

On top of that, they will be donating $5 from every single sale they make make for these 72 hours to  Cath Duncan’s project. Cath’s “Team Juggernaut” is raising $45,000 for much needed support and research to the Kidney Foundation.

I bought the Only 72 blogger’s pack last year and it a) was well worth the money I spent on it and b) really did change the way I approached my blog and my business.

This is the only time you can grab this particular pack of courses though, so make sure you download them here by Thursday 23 June, noon Eastern time (5pm UK time).

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