Cybermummy meet and greet

Hello there! *waves*

I’m going to the Cybermummy conference next week and there’s a little tradition of introducing yourself on your blog before the big day. So here’s mine.

I was going to do a video meet and greet, but it would have taken me quite a while to do my hair and makeup, so I decided to type it instead.

That’s the trouble with working from home, you forget about the way you look until you switch your webcam on and then…argh! Scary, very scary.

So I’ve got my sponsor (Smart Talkers Pre School Groups), I’m clutching my mini moo cards – sorry, they are just too cute to give away – and I’m just about ready for the event.

Apart from the hair and make-up which could take me a while!

Name: Helen Lindop

Blog: Business Plus Baby

Twitter ID: @HelenLindop

Height: 5ft 4

Hair: Shoulder-length brown

Eyes: Greenish grey

Likes: Chocolate, drinking tea (a LOT of tea…), social media (I’m probably obsessed…), being in the mountains (too bad I live in Bedfordshire…), Chinese food, showing people useful stuff, learning useful stuff.

Dislikes: Meringue, jelly and custard together (they are OK apart, bizarrely!)

So if you’re going to Cybermummy, please come over and say hello!



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