Social networking: Good for marketing?

Remember I said I like to watch how big companies do marketing? With all the resources they have to throw at marketing, big companies must be able to teach a little business like me a thing or two!

Well, I’ve just been having a look at Nivea’s ‘100 Years of Feeling Closer’ campaign.  Here’s a video to give you a taste of the campaign:

In the video, a psychology professor asks “how social is social networking?” and gives his opinion on whether it’s bringing us closer together or increasing isolation. Then he asks you to give your opinion on the debate on Nivea’s Facebook page.

It’s clever because it uses social media to engage us in a debate about social media. That proves that the Nivea brand is in touch with the Facebook generation and gets Facebook users talking about Nivea at the same time. And since almost everyone is on Facebook now, that’s a wise move.

On the flip-side, are we concerned enough about how social networking is affecting our relationships that we want to discuss it with Nivea? We might chat about it among our families and friends but do we care enough to engage in a debate with a skincare brand? The campaign is also offering prizes to people who upload photos of their ‘moments of closeness’ – and you can’t go far wrong with a prize draw. Plus, the Nivea UK Facebook page has over 130,000 likes so people are definitely engaging with it.

Would you take part in a campaign like this? And would taking part in this campaign make you more likely to buy a Nivea product?

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