Build a Little Biz: Happy Birthday!

Way back last summer I was reading a thread on the Launch Coach‘s blog when I stumbled across a comment by Karen Gunton. Karen was working on her blog Build a Little Biz, which has pretty much the same aims as Business Plus Baby, except she’s in Adelaide, Australia and I’m in England.

We exchanged emails, then guest posts and then we became unofficial blogging buddies, supporting each other and bouncing ideas around between us. Since them Build a Little Biz has just got better and better. Karen has got a deep understanding of what it takes to grow and market a mumpreneur business and she’s built a team of experts who help her out on specialist subjects. She’s also developed a valuable knowledge of branding, then poured it into her workbook, Build a Brand.

Today is Build a Little Biz’s first birthday and it’s hard to believe it’s just one year since Karen started her blog. That’s because it feels I’ve known Karen a lot longer and because she’s built such a brilliant resource for mums in business in such a short time. So Happy Birthday Karen and Build a Little Biz! I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings!

To celebrate Build a Little Biz’s birthday, you can get 30%* off the Build a Brand workbook if you buy it before the end of Sunday 5th June (enter the code happybirthday at the checkout to get your discount).

Karen tells me that she’ll be taking Build a Brand off the shelves soon after, so don’t miss this chance to give your brand a boost.

You can read my review of Build a Brand in my article How to brand your mumpreneur business.

*Full price is $67 (Australian dollars) which is about £44, so with a 30%  discount the Build a Brand workbook will be about £30.

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  1. thank you helen! if there is one thing i have learned this past year it has been the value of connecting with people online. i have made true friends such as you, and no longer feel like i am working on my own little biz on my own… i can only hope that one day we could have the chance to meet in real life! i can’t wait for what this next year brings our way =)

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