Small Business Freedom

Having a family and trying to run a small business can seem like an insurmountable challenge to many, but plenty of people find that doing both is surprisingly achievable. However, the key to making things work effectively is to have a plan of strategy and being able to decide on where to run your venture.

While working from home has long been seen as the ideal way of being able to juggle a hectic family life with business activities, there is now another option that is also proving to be very appealing, especially to people who are looking to expand their venture.

What to look for?

Keeping overheads to a minimum is top of the list for many people who are starting out in the world of business, and having small children also means that you have to factor in childcare costs if you’re trying to spend at east part of the day concentrating solely on your business.

Thanks to the internet and these recessionary times, however, there is now a quick and easy way of finding desk/office space in shared and serviced offices, at hugely competitive prices. These days, you can hunt out rental space in much the same way as you’d look for a broadband or mobile phone deal, and compare what’s on offer in one place.

Keep an eye out

So, use the web to carry out an office space search using one of the new comparison websites and this will soon reveal that your office or desk space possibilities are actually a very realistic proposition. The great benefit with renting even just one desk in a shared office is that you can have a base for your business that is away from the topsy-turvy home life than many parents have to try and work around.

Better still, you’ll find that desk space rental schemes are well priced and the contracts are very flexible too, meaning that you’ll probably be able to get some desk space on a rolling-basis in terms of contracts and move in and out at fairly shot notice. Going for this sort of arrangement in an already running office area will also mean you get basic utilities along with an essential such as broadband internet.

Move on up

For those with small families but who have designs on building a business further then it’s also worth using the comparison option to find shared office space. This is a step up from desk space rental in the fact that you’ll get the chance to have a greater area to rent. Added to that, the shared office will often come complete with receptionists, post and IT support.

However, this sort of arrangement still comes with the benefit that you can enjoy a flexible contract and again, it can be relatively short–term, especially when compared alongside the hassle of buying a property. Most of the office space rental schemes operate either in city centre locations and/or prime business parks too.

One of the best things about going down this route is that you instantly give your business venture an added seal of credibility. You may even find that these state of the art buildings may well come with childcare facilities in the vicinity too.

After all, with this kind of business arrangement proving increasingly popular, it’s clear that many parents need the added flexibility of having decent facilities close at hand.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of Office Genie, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space.

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