Running a Business without Having to Travel

For work at home mums, travel is the ultimate enemy as it will take up a huge amount of time and take you away from your child. Indeed, a day spent going to visit a client will force you to arrange child-care and break up your daily routine. This is the kind of hassle no one needs, especially if you are juggling a busy home life and a growing business. Luckily, modern tools like international conference calls can let you cut out travel almost entirely.

Any major business deal will involve meeting in some way shape or form – yet nowadays there is no need to be in the same location. By setting up a conference call you can speak to everyone involved, and come to an arrangement. This means you don’t need to leave your home and can look after your little one while working at the same time. These systems are quite cheap and are very easy to use – if you feel the need to meet face-to-face you can opt to use Skype which allows people to chat for free via webcam.

The internet also offers a raft of tools that will allow you to work with people without actually being in the same room as them. This innovation is being led by Google Documents which will let you work on documents at the same time as one of your colleagues or clients – this allows you to create superb, collaborative pieces from the comfort of your own home. This innovation, which is known as cloud computing, is becoming very popular and many companies are starting to adopt it.

These tools make it much easier to work efficiently without leaving your own home. In fact sometimes it is far easier to do business this way as you can dedicate time that would have been spent on travel to preparation and research.

Creative Commons License photo credit: swanksalot

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