How to get more people to like your Facebook page

I’m a member of the British Mummy Bloggers’ Mums in Business forum, and a few weeks ago Jenny of Laughing Lamb Creations how she could promote her online business for free.  I suggested blogging, building a mailing list by giving away a free e-book, getting a Facebook Page, using Twitter and maybe even YouTube.

She said she already had a Facebook page, but how could she get more people the like it? That’s what gave me the idea for this post.

First though I’ll explain what a Facebook page actually is. Facebook profiles are for people – these have things like photos, personal information and friends that are linked to the profile. Facebook pages are for organisations or projects, rather than people. And pages have ‘likers’ rather than friends. If you take a look at Business Plus Baby’s Facebook page, you’ll see the people who like it on the left and a ‘Like’ button at the top that you can click to like the page yourself (you’ll need to have a Facebook profile to do this).

The challenge for Facebook page owners is to get people to click the ‘like’ button. Here are some ways you could do this…

  • Make sure your Facebook page is somewhere people actually want to go.  Know your audience and think about what they might like – links to useful or inspiring blog posts? Hints and tips? The latest news on your subject? To tell people about their latest project? Aim to build a little community around your page and to get people talking. This doesn’t have to be as tricky as it sounds, just try out a new idea each week and see how your fans respond. People like to be asked their opinion, so if you’re thinking of introducing a new product, ask “What do you think of…?” Browse around other Facebook pages and look at how they are encouraging their likers to interact with them, then try those ideas on your own page.
  • Ask your Facebook friends to like your page and ask your friends to ask their friends to like your page
  • Put the link to your Facebook page everywhere you can – on your website/blog, in your email signature, on your flyers and business card.
  • Many page owners run competitions and giveaways, for example giving away a free gift to their 500th follower. I’m cautious about doing this because I want my likers to be there because they’re genuinely interested in what I’m doing, rather than just being there for a freebie. So I’m going for quality rather than quantity. But I know of small business owners who have been really happy with the results of their Facebook giveaways. You can also use Facebook to spread the word about competitions and giveaways on your website.
  • Be a guest blogger -write an article and ask someone else to post it on their blog. Make sure your article is useful or interesting, not just a sales pitch. Pick a blog whose readers might be interested in your product. Some of those readers will want to know more about your business and click that ‘like’ button on your Facebook page.
  • When you post a message on your own blog, post an update on your Facebook page telling people about it. You can set Networked Blogs up to do this for you automatically. People who enjoy reading your blog will like your Facebook page so they know whenever you publish a post.
  • Help people out and they’ll help you in return. When you find a Facebook page your readers might enjoy, ‘like’ it and post a message about it on your Facebook page.  If you use the ‘@’ sign in front of the page name, the message will appear on both of your pages. Type the @ followed by the first few letters of the page you want to link to and you’ll see a drop-down of the pages (and profiles) starting with those letters…

  • Browse around for pages or events that don’t mind you promoting your business. I’ve just started a ‘Fan Page Friday’ event (Facebook pages used to be called Fan Pages) and you’re welcome to post the link to your page on mine on Fridays. Here’s my fanpage is a page that is for, well, telling people about your page!
  • Look for threads on forums where you’re encouraged to share your Facebook page links. The Mumsclub forum has a thread where you can post the link to your own Facebook page and like other people’s.
  • And here are two things you shouldn’t try…Using your Facebook page to broadcast sales messages and nothing else. Posting sales messages on other people’s pages without their permission.

So there you go! If you’ve got any more ideas, please do post me a comment.

5 Replies to “How to get more people to like your Facebook page”

  1. Hi Helen,

    Thanks v much for posting this information. I have a FB page I am about to launch and I had a idea as to what I was trying to achieve but you have successfully clarified the logic behind it! This is all new to me as I am setting up a new business to be launched in the summer and FB I feel is crucial in order to gather a following.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Bev, thanks for the feedback and you’re very welcome! Do post us a link to your new FB page on Business Plus Baby’s FB page when it’s ready, won’t you?

  3. Fantastic comments – thanks so much. I think I’m doing most of it right but you’ve just clarified the quality/quantity ideas in my head.

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