The Easiest Way Earn Money From Your Blog

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This is the first in my series of posts about making money online.

Have you got a blog, either personal of for your business? Starting to make money from your blog can be a struggle; most of the ways of earning aren’t really an option unless you’ve got  a lot of readers. And that readership takes time to build up.

Here’s a way of making some money that doesn’t need a huge following. Even better, you only recommend brands that you already like, plus you can be completely open and honest about the fact you’re getting paid to do so.

Ebuzzing is a completely free service to join and they have a strict code of ethics which ensures all posts are clearly marked as sponsored and written in your own words. Ebuzzing gives you a choice of campaigns, a few bullet points, links and images; and then leave the creativity and presentation to you. So you’re getting paid, but still in control of what you write on your blog.

Ebuzzing works with big UK brands such as Lloyds TSB, PayPal, Levis, FHM and the Mirror. So you the chances are you will be writing about companies that you already know, like and may even already use.

Here’s an example of one brand I’d like to see on Ebuzzing: Amazon. That’s because, in our house, we buy almost everything from – books, music, microwaves, toys, gifts and pretty much everything else except food! Amazon’s customer service has always been great, and their prices are virtually always the lowest so I’d be happy to recommend them. With such a huge range of products it would be easy to write an interesting post about Amazon, too.

Some bloggers are uneasy about taking that step to earning money by promoting brands, but I’ve found it’s easy as long as:

  • I like and trust the brand. Usually, it’s something I’d tell friends about anyway, like my Pizza Hut’s Kids Eat Free post.
  • It’s a product/brand that my readers would like too.
  • I’m able to be completely up-front about the fact I’m getting paid for that post.
  • It’s easy and natural for me to write about the brand or campaign on my blog. Trying to convince my readers that they should go out and buy spare parts for a motorbike isn’t going to be much fun for me or them, so I wouldn’t do it!
  • I’m in control of what I write and how often I publish sponsored posts.

Ebuzzing ticks all these boxes for me, which is why it’s been a great way for me to earn from my blog.

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9 Replies to “The Easiest Way Earn Money From Your Blog”

  1. This is interesting, as I’ve just started blogging and am thinking of different ways to make additional income from it. What are the main differences to this, compared to Affiliate Marketing?

  2. Ebuzzing is a very straightforward way to earn: this sort of sponsored post is probably an easier way for a beginner blogger to earn as, once your blog has been approved, you get paid for the post. With affiliate marketing you need to drive people to click through your link and take action (buy/join/sign up) before you earn anything.
    Hope this helps

  3. Great post. I have worked with eBuzzing for a while now and they are very easy to deal with, reliable and should you need to contact them with any queries, you can both by email or phone and their response (I have found) is very prompt.

  4. Great post Helen
    Having read through the T&C’s earlier I needed to find an honest review by someone I trust before I went for it. All signed up now lets hope they take me 😉

  5. Thanks Nicki, I’ve also found the Ebuzzing guys very helpful. Joanne, happy to have helped. I’m sure you’ll be fine with them but you can easily sign up and then decide not to do any posts if they don’t feel right. It’s nice that there’s no commitment.

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