I started a business with a baby: Ipshita Chatterjee of Minor Edition

It was over a year ago that I started contemplating starting a business of my own. After many years of making use of a science brain, I thought it was time to be more creative. My 2-year-old daughter was a stimulant. Stitching dresses and knitting hats for her made me happy.

So what was holding me back? Well, FEAR – fear of not having any money, losing all the money, being ridiculed, not having a MBA degree (that’s what entrepreneurs’ are equipped with – right?).

All I wanted to do was to design dresses for little girls. Dresses that I can’t find on the high street, designs that will make the tots look different yet very stylish. I love cotton and silk fabrics especially those from India. The quality of the fabrics is to die for. After much thought, I decided to jump the arena. I booked a trip to India in search of fabric suppliers last winter. Now 6 months later, I have a company of my own now, selling limited edition of dresses for little girls. I am looking forward to the winter collection in silk. They will be a bit expensive compared with the high street giants, but I think limited edition comes at a price. I am confident that the quality will match the price and so good value for money.

The last 6 months have been very stressful. I learned a lot on the way. I could never imagine opening a business bank account, doing a website myself with the help of Create, or be able to deal with suppliers and negotiate and bargain with them. The most enjoyable bit has been the designing part and seeing the end product. Thanks to those who have appreciated me so far.

I am not a natural seller but I am learning. Various workshops and discussions have been helpful. I have made a lot of mistakes already and have learned a good lesson from each. Please wish me luck in my venture!

Ipshita’s website is minoredition.co.uk and you can catch up with her life as a mumpreneur at her blog.

Good luck Ipshita! If you’re just starting your own business, I’ve shared my favourite small biz resources on my new resources page.  No MBA needed, honest!

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