Win a Year’s Salary

What would you do with a year’s salary? Paypal have launched a prize draw that gives everyone who enters the chance to win £40000. To enter, you just need to buy something with PayPal. Every time you buy you are automatically entered into the weekly prize draw. And the more you buy the more chances you get, because you get entered every single time you buy with PayPal. (You can find out more about the draw at the Paypal website.)

That’s great news for me because I buy with Paypal every week!

So what would I do with 40 grand? Well, I’d have a well-earned holiday for starters! But after that I’d use it as a year’s salary, which would mean I could invest everything I earn back into my mumpreneur business. That would mean I could grow it faster and I could relax and enjoy growing my business. In fact I could easily stretch 40 grand out longer than a year!

But there would definitely be some spare cash for a few treats, too. Like new bikes for the all the family from Woolworths (after all, it wouldn’t hurt me to get a little fitter…) and an IPod each for Mr L and I, also from Woolworths. Plus some more practical things for the children including some much-needed new storage for toys from Toys R Us and new car seats from Halfords.

I’d also treat myself to a shiny new laptop from Dell!

Enter now for your chance to win

(Here are the terms and conditions of the prize draw.)

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