How you can help make the road a more respectful place

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Your priorities completely change when you have a baby. The really big ones are work and childcare, but there are others like how you spend your money and even the way you drive.

My attitude to driving has really changed since I had my first child. I was always fairly careful on the road, after all I didn’t want to lose my no-claims bonus let alone risk getting hurt! But driving safely takes on a whole new meaning when you have children in the car.

The trouble is that you’re also more stressed and distracted. It’s easy to say that your attention should be one hundred per cent on the road, but not so easy to do when you have a screaming toddler on the back seat. If you have a baby and a toddler back there the distraction factor just increases.

So the last thing you want is hassle from other drivers too!

The good news is that  AXA Car Insurance has launched its  AXA Respect On The Road Campaign to highlight the state of disrespectful and sometimes dangerous driving practices in the UK.

Have you seen driving like this lately?

To find out the opinion of the British public on the state of driving, AXA hitched a ride in London cabs. They recorded what cab passengers had to say in a series of videos called the I Respect On The Road ‘Cab Cam’. You can watch one of the ‘Cab Cam’ videos here:

Making our roads more respectful places is something that people really care about. So show your support for more respectful driving by clicking the ‘like’ button on the I Respect the Road Facebook page. You can also join in the debate on the I respect the road website.

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