Are Business Mums Earning Enough?

Are mums in business earning what they should? I wonder if many of us aren’t getting a fair return on the hard work we put in…

Being a business mum is tough. You’ve got all the usual business balls to juggle, but you have to fit them around toddler tantrums, sick children, broken sleep, piles of laundry and everything else a mums does. Often we’re motivated by needing flexible work rather than an entrepreneurial urge and we have no background in business or finance. Plus most of us do it part time, at least at first.

Then there are the beliefs that many of us women have around  money. If your main motivation is to help people,  that can mean you under-charge or do too much for free. If you’ve been brought up to be a ‘good girl’ somehow asking for what you’re worth feels greedy. If you’ve been a stay-at-home mum for some time, you’re not used to getting paid for your work, so it’s hard to put a fair price on what you do in your business.

With the business and your clients, partner, friends and children all demanding attention it’s easy for money-making to slip down your to-do list.

I wanted to help, so I wrote my new e-book ‘Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur‘.

I was a freelance trainer for six years and I was clueless about self-employment when I began in 2000. It was tough and I didn’t even have children back then! I took my own experience of  self-employment, added it to what I learned about beliefs around money during my life and business coach training and put it all in my new e-book.

I really do hope it helps put more money in mums’ pockets. Let me know what you think!

Photo: Creative Commons License photo credit: Public Domain Photos

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