No Time To Study Business? Try Audio…

Soon after my second baby was born I was totally shattered, but found my poor tired brain still needed some stimulation. Plus I was determined to be a mumpreneur and I knew that taking time off from planning my business would mean I’d need to build up my momentum again.

I would have loved to take a course, but I didn’t have the time and I was so tired I couldn’t concentrate anyway. So I hit upon the idea of listening to podcasts and audio files. This worked brilliantly.  If had to spend hours feeding or rocking my baby to sleep, I put something interesting on my MP3 player and that passed the time nicely. Sometimes I was so tired that I fell asleep after five minutes, so it took me six attempts to get through a half-hour podcast!

If you haven’t tried learning from audio, give it a go. I find it fits really well around small children – you can listen when you’re forced to be awake at silly times of the night, when you’re in the car or loading the washing machine.

Here are my recommendations, why not leave me a comment and tell me yours?

  • Susan Odev’s Mum Ultrapreneur radio show on blog talk radio is fantasic source of information and inspiration (and I’m not just saying that because she keeps mentioning me, honest!)
  • If you’re interested in making an income from blogging, try Yaro Starak’s Entrepreneur’s Journey. The Blog Profits Blueprint is what got me started in blogging, but he also publishes podcasts of interviews with people who are earning a living from blogging.
  • Also on Blog Talk Radio, check out Mel McGee’s Supermummy radio show.
  • If you’re looking for a broader view of the world of business, listen to BBC Radio’s Business programmes – The Bottom Line with Evan Davis, and Peter Day’s World of Business . I find them useful for understanding how big business works and for picking up on new trends.
  • I’ve just discovered SmallBizPod small business podcasts. I have a selection of these podcasts ready to go on my MP3 player as soon as I have the time!

Got any more? Leave me a comment and tell me about them…

Creative Commons License photo credit: jekert gwapo

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