My Free e-Book is Launched Today!

Today I’m launching my new e-book :

Business Plus Baby: Ten things you need to know if you’re starting a business and have a baby

Many new mums expect to return to work after their maternity leave ends, but find their priorities change once their baby arrives. Faced with a choice of working full-time, taking a poorly-paid part time job or giving up work altogether, many are starting businesses instead.

This is exactly where I was two years ago. I fully intended to go back to work full-time after my maternity leave ended, but changed my mind once my baby was born. I knew starting a business might be an option, but I didn’t know how I could fit it in around a young child. And with the end of my maternity leave approaching fast, I didn’t have much time to work it all out.

Since then I’ve blogged, networked, Facebooked, tweeted and hung around a lot of forums to find the answers I needed. I’ve picked out the ten key facts that aspiring mumpreneurs with babies need to know and written about them in this e-book.

Making such a big career change at the same time as adjusting to being a new parent is tough. I found the information I needed, but it took a lot of research. By sharing what I’ve learned, I hope to make the transition easier for other new mums.

You can get the e-book here (no sign up needed).

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