Stuck for an original business idea?

Then you need to take a look at Iddictive. Every day, Iddictive gives you a new cool, quirky or innovative business idea.

How about a travel agency for  soft toys? Or the Kidspotter – a rentable device that enables you to track the position of your children when at a theme park or shopping centre? You’ve heard of mumpreneurs, how about being a retropreneur too? (That’s someone who gives an old-style business idea a new lease of life).

Brilliant for sparking a fresh idea  or spotting a new trend.

2 Replies to “Stuck for an original business idea?”

  1. Thanks for the mention Helen – it’s really great to hear that people are finding the site useful. Like yourself, I’m trying to inspire as many people as possible to have a go and start something.

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