Introducing The Business Mums’ Blog Carnival

So what's it all about?

Each month, a different business mum blogger will be hosting the blog carnival, listing the best business mum blog posts that month. If you're a business mum with a blog, you can submit your own favourite post of that month to the carnival.

Why? Well, it creates traffic,  links and comments for your blog as well as sharing expertise around the business mum community. We're looking for posts that add value in some way, so maybe they inspire, inform or make us smile. It's OK to talk a little about what you do (we're all in business after all) but a post that's just a sales pitch isn't going to be much of a read.

And if you fancy being a host, please send an email to helen (at) business plus baby (dot) com.

*Update* I'm allocating hosts to months on a first-come-first-served basis so apologies if you've offered to host and I've not got back to you yet.

I'm getting a lot of offers from people who want to host and I don't really want to start allocating hosts beyond the end of 2010 just yet! Feel free to offer to be a host anyway as I'll keep a reserve list if I get more hosts than there are months left in the year.

How do I join in?

Email a link to your post to the carnival host for that month – see the list below…

Don't forget to read other people's posts and comments when the carnival is published. The more comments our blogs get, the more popular our blogs look to new readers!


January 2010 –

Email posts to helen (at) business plus baby (dot) com by the end of Friday 22nd Jan and the carnival will be posted on Mon 25th Jan


Email posts to antonia (at)  familyfriendlyworking (dot) by Monday 19th February and the carnival will be posted on the 25th February.


Email posts to info (at) mumstheboss (dot) by 13th March and the carnival will be posted on the 15th March.


Email posts to contact AT by 15th April and the carnival will be posted on 19th April.


Email posts to heather AT by 24th May and the carnival will be posted on 30th May.


Email posts to sarah AT by 18 June and the carnival will be published on 22nd June.


(email and dates to follow)

August 2010 –

(email and dates to follow)

September2010 –

(email and dates to follow)

October 2010 –

Email posts to info (at) sizzlingscience (dot) by end of Monday 11th October and the carnival will be posted on Monday 18th October

November 2010

(email and dates to follow)


Email posts to maggy (At) familywoodley (dot) com by the end of Friday 24th Dec and Carnival will be posted by Friday 31st Dec.

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