Can you really make money from an internet business?

If you've looked into starting your own internet business you'll have seen websites claiming you can make "$$$" by doing very little work. There's a lot of hype out there and it's bound to make you feel cynical if you read enough. I'm certainly not making $$$ from this website (yet!), but I believe that internet businesses aren't that much different from any other business. You'll need a product or service that customers are prepared to pay for, a marketing strategy to tell people about it, some cash to invest to get you going, consistent planning and hard work. This week I've found a couple of thought-provoking posts if you're interested in running an internet business, but have doubts that it can really earn you money.   First up is  5 big internet business lies from and it's well worth a look. If you're feeling that it's impossible to get your information website noticed in the ocean of information out there, check out Diana Schiedman's Stand Up 8 Times blog post: The Internet and Online Marketing: Musings.

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