Business Ideas For Mums – Pain and Problems

bumpIf you want to find a business opportunity, look for where people are in pain or having problems. Here’s a good one for you – maternity clothing. You’d think that someone would have sorted out all fashion problems for pregnant women years ago. After all, women have been getting pregnant since, well, forever. And it’s not exactly a niche market.

Maternity wear has improved since the days of smocks and dungarees but women still can’t get the clothes they want. Pregnancy doesn’t last long, so we don’t want to spend a fortune on an entire new wardrobe, but at the same time we want just a few really good items that make us feel fabulous. Affordable basics such as T-shirts are hard to find (I ended up buying a size 22 non-maternity t-shirt the other week because I’m now too big for New Look’s maternity range!), skirts are hard to find (trust me, a skirt would be a great alternative to maternity jeans in July) and the strappy swimwear and nightwear on sale doesn’t control those enormous pregnant boobs.  And I’m not alone – check out this thread on the Mumsnet forum.

Shops stocking maternity wear are few and far between, with the vast majority being online or in catalogues. At the one time in your life when your size changes weekly, you can’t go into a changing room and try on clothes. Crazy.

The wardrobe problems don’t end when the baby appears.  If you’re breastfeeding and you’re invited to a wedding you might fancy a nice dress as a change from your usual jeans and t-shirt. Your choices are either black, black or black.

I reckon the market is wide-open for affordable maternity and breastfeeding clothing that women actually want to buy. I’d do this myself, but I’m rubbish at fashion. Could this be your big business break?

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  1. Good read! There were days when i used to wear my husband’s shirts to work!Then i saw some good formal wears online by morph maternity.I really liked them.They are adjustable and their tops have discreet openings for nursing.

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