Mumpreneur mistakes number 1 – one week on…

working mumAfter last week's light bulb moment (see Mumpreneur mistakes number 1) I've been working through 'Finding your perfect work' by Paul and Sarah Edwards. It's a much bigger book than I expected! And it's full of worksheets, which will take me a little time to work through, but I'm hoping it'll be time well spent. I've realised that I'm not just starting a business from home which has to work around two small children, I'm also planning a complete career change. Which is a tall order for anyone, especially as I'm also coming up to eight months pregnant. But then again, I never do things the easy way! I'm still stunned by how much having a baby has totally turned my working life upside down. A year ago I fully intended to go back to my old job full-time while Little Lindop went to nursery five days  a week – so much has changed since then. I feel a bit daft for being so naive and my head is still spinning from all the changes that have happened to me in the last couple of years, but I feel positive about the future and that there IS a business out there for me.

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