My first post on my new blog, how exciting! My aim is to use this blog to help me plan, research and launch my new business.  Also, to help me network online and face-to-face and to help me grow my own website.

I’ve kept my previous business ideas close to my chest until I’ve been ready to launch, but I’ve found that if I put my ideas out there early on, I get loads of great advice and feedback.¬† So here I am!

Another¬† change for me is that I’m soon to be Mum to two small children – there’ll be a 15 month age gap with baby number 2 due this summer. The thought of juggling this with a business, albeit a part time one initially, does terrify me a bit. But I know it’s possible because there are other mums out there already doing it.

Soon after baby number one was born just over a year ago, I had a really tough time deciding what to do with my work and career. There’s loads of great practical advice out there, but not much on the new and bewildering emotions I felt, so I’m going to share those here with the hope that it’ll help other mums going through the same process.

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