Why you need to manage your cashflow [infographic]

As a nice follow up to my posts Cashflow management: Do micro businesses really need to bother? and The answer to your biggest cashflow problems. Or not?, Sage have created this infographic showing just how important cashflow is to small businesses…

This infographic was produced by Sage Business Software

The answer to your biggest cashflow problems…or not?

On Monday I wrote about why cashflow is something you need to watch, however small your business may be. In fact, poor cashflow can kill an otherwise healthy business.

Since the recession hit us a few years back, all the talk has been about customers not spending enough. But if they do place orders and then don’t pay up on time, you still have a major problem. [Read more…]

Cashflow management: Do ‘micro businesses’ really need to bother?

One of the great things about running a solo or micro business is that your accounts don’t have to be anything like as complex as they would be for a larger business. But it can be hard to know where you can sensibly take short cuts and where they could lead you into trouble later on.

So what about cashflow management? [Read more…]