Start a Family Friendly Business

Many mums would love to run a flexible business around their children but have no idea where to start. Which businesses fit well with family life? And how can you tell which one will work for you?

That’s why Antonia Chitty and I have written  Start A Family Friendly Business:129 Brilliant Business Ideas for Mums

In this book we:

  • Help you decide what you really want from your new business
  • Give you 129 different family-friendly business ideas. We’ve talked to mums already running these businesses, so we’ll give you all the pros and cons
  • Plus we’ll ask you the big questions so that you’ll know if that business idea is right for you

Taking your first step towards starting a business isn’t easy.  Let Antonia and I save you months of research by sharing what we know about starting a family friendly business.

Buy Start A Family Friendly Business paperback from Amazon


If you are working full-time and missing being at home with your little one or you have a fabulous career but can’t quite fathom how you are going to manage a family as well, then this book is great for opening up ideas. It is possible to juggle your life and a family as long as you have energy, drive and can find your niche in a Family-Friendly Business, so read on and good luck! Forward by Laura Tenison MBE, Founder & Managing Director, JoJo Maman Bébé


I’m a huge advocate of mums who set up in business and who combine work and motherhood on their terms…and this book is a great starting point for anybody who’s excited by this prospect.  It’s packed to the gunnels with good ideas and inspiration for harnessing the hidden mumpreneur inside! Wendy Shand, founder


Here’s a book brimming with straightforward, honest advice for the budding business mum. Any mum wondering where to start with business ideas and relevant information will find it in these pages. Antonia and Helen have done all the research so you don’t have to!  A great time saver. Roberta Jerram Founder of & HWWBA Womanpreneur of the Year 2010


What a fabulous book. Where was this 2 years ago when I was starting out?? I love the clear and informative structure.  The checklist of ones skills make it so much easier to work out which direction to go.  The layout of the flexible working ideas provides you with all the answers and no questions! Just the way I like a book!  Also taking into consideration your childcare arrangements even something I forget to consider now. Joanne Dewberry – Dorset Business Mum of the Year- and


A great guide to help any mum transition from ‘thinker’ to ‘doer’ when considering starting a business.  The knowledge you will gain will help you to decide what kind of business might suit you and if indeed a business is the right solution for you.  Knowledge is only power when you do something with it and the action plans at the end will help you to really make progress towards that flexible business you desire. Mel McGee


All you need to get started in business is an idea and a sprinkling of commitment. Any book that offers ideas will fire your imagination and help with the first step on what is sure to be an exciting journey! Emma Jones is founder of Enterprise Nation and author of ‘Spare Room Start Up’ and ‘Working 5 to 9’


Loaded with useful and practical information, this is a book that will open up horizons.    Combining motherhood and running your own business is not for the faint-hearted but this book clearly identifies a plethora of opportunities which are possible to run side-by-side.   This is an absolute “must-read” for all mumpreneurs seeking inspiration and guidance on what to do in a no-nonsense, easy-to-read format. Emma Wimhurst

Buy Start A Family Friendly Business paperback from Amazon

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