6 things you need to think about when starting a new business

Photo: Unsplash Thinking about starting your own business? We’ve put together a great checklist of things to consider before you do, from marketing and insurance to lifestyle and relaxing. How will people know about your new business? If your target audience doesn’t know anything about your brand, then you sure as hell aren’t going to […]

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5 steps to hiring an IT contractor

Photo: Unsplash Finding an IT contractor can save your business time and money. Not only are contractors employed on a contract basis rather than on a permanent basis, but they often possess skills that in-house teams just don’t have. What’s more, by hiring a contractor, you won’t need to pay things like National Insurance and […]

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The Benefits of Using Chartered Jets

Image source: Airbroker If you’re like most business travelers you understand what it is to live and breathe business; it’s closing deals no matter the cost. The problem you may come across is that you will do whatever is needed to make sure the two parties sign the agreement and that can mean a lot […]

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Flexible and Location-Indendent Careers – Perfect for Parents!

Photo: 089photoshootings When you’re a parent, one of the best sorts of jobs you can have is a flexible one. This should be taken to mean two things. First off, your ideal job should be something that’s flexible from a time perspective. You should have the ability to be much more selective about the hours in […]

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Getting Financial Backing: Tips and Tricks for Securing a Line of Credit for Your Startup

Photo: TheDigitalWay If you run a small business or you are just launching your startup, there’s a good chance that you’re going to want to secure a line of credit at some point. However, many business owners cringe at the thought of approaching a lender. Here’s some guidance on securing a line of credit that […]

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