Tips to Avoid Lockouts at the Office

Whether it is your office, home or vehicle, facing a lockout is never an easy situation. It always creates a period of unnecessary stress and waste of time. If this happens on a regular basis, it is a red flag indication to understand that you need to invest in a new locking system for your […]

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3 Ways to Finance Your New Business

Discovering and developing business ideas can be very exciting, but they are just the start of a long yet thrilling journey. With a mature idea ready to be converted into a successful business, the next step is starting a business. Naturally, there will be some obstacles to overcome along the way, including financing the new […]

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Steps to Take When Clients Don’t Pay

Life as a freelancer can sometimes be precarious. You don’t have the safety net of a regular monthly salary, so when clients are late paying, or worst case scenario, they don’t pay at all, you have a problem. Sometimes, there is a genuine reason why they haven’t sent a check, but unless you know them […]

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Family-friendly employee incentives

It can be hard for employees to feel valued if they feel unable to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Corporate Rewards explain the ways you can offer employee incentives while avoiding the danger of them feeling separated from family by employment. What are employee incentives? Employee incentives are rewards, usually associated with sales targets and […]

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5 Household Tasks That Can Be Delegated To Make You More Time Rich

As necessary as housework and chores are, they’re also tedious, boring, and time-consuming. People who aren’t responsible for keeping a home or apartment clean don’t think that it takes that much time, but some tasks are enormous time-suckers. In other cases, it’s just hard to find time away from work, studying, taking care of the […]

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