Top 10 Tips for First Time Builders

Hans A builders job is to construct or repair houses and other buildings. Here, I’ll be giving tips for a first-time builder to find their way in bricks, timber, mortar, and steel. However, I will also advise that even after reading these tips if you don’t feel as though you’d be confident and successful in […]

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Spills and Slips: Avoiding Hospital Trips

When you own a business, you become responsible for all sorts of individuals’ health and safety. Your own, your workers’ and your clients’ or customers’ well being all need to become your prime concern. Every year, hundreds of workplace accidents leave people injured, sick or otherwise incapacitated. So how do you go about avoiding accidents […]

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How To Make Your Business Safe For Employees

Your employees are important to you – without them, your business wouldn’t be able to run. It’s also your duty to make sure that they are safe so that they can do their jobs effectively and to prevent accidents and even fatalities that could have been avoided. Here are some simple steps to ensuring that […]

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You Are Not Infallible, But Your Business Foresight Can Be – Here’s How

Tony Alter In the effort to develop and build your own firm, whether that is subcontracting services or providing some form of freelance work to an agency or regular client, you are likely to take as much work on as you can to satisfy the client. You might be tempted to take on repeat business […]

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Farming: Increasing Profits Is Best Done By Reducing Overheads

Pixabay In the past fifty years, more farms have gone under due to running costs and debt than they have because of drought, plague and pestilence combined. The reason for this is as simple as it is horrendous; farmers just don’t have it easy when it comes to making a profit. This is because running […]

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