Cost Effective Ways to Boost Your Workplace Productivity

Forget your ideas or how much energy you have to turn them into a reality: if your business is going to be a success, then you need to be productivity. In many ways, it’s the only thing that matters. If you and your staff are working at full capacity, then there’ll be no obstacle that can stand in your way. Alas, many companies do struggle with productivity, and it costs them a lot of time and energy to resolve. Below, we take a look at cost-effective ways you can get your office back to working at its best.

image: pixabay

Track Your Time

Here’s a question for you: how much is your office actually working? A few years ago, a study found that the average office worker only spent around 3 hours each day doing work; the rest was filled by walking to get a coffee, waiting for an email to arrive, and so on. People don’t mean to work so little; they just have a poor perception of how little work they’re doing. To improve this, you can give your workers software that’ll track how they’re spending their time. Once you’ve identified the causes of time wasting, you’ll be on your way to improving your productivity.

Free Up Your Time

You might be the business owner, but you’re not supposed to do everything. Even if you wanted to, it would be a mistake; you’ll be serving your company much better if you play to your strengths. However, you can’t let all the small tasks go left undone. Consider outsourcing some of the menial, repetitive tasks to a third party company, and also recruit a virtual receptionist service to field your calls. That way you won’t have your workflow interrupted by a call that may or may not be important.

Reorganise the Office

Forget what you thought you knew: an office is not just an office or a place to work. It affects how well you and your employees will work, and as such, you need to treat it with importance. Take a look at your desk setup: is it conducive to hard work, is it inspiring? If it’s not, then you might want to consider rearranging your tables and chairs so that your workers can work better. And don’t underestimate the power of light: people will work better if there’s a lot of natural light shining in.

Get Moving

And talking of the office, what’s your daily routine like? Do people just sit there all day? If so, it’s time to mix it up. Incorporate a daily bout of exercise into the day; studies have shown that people work better once they’ve done a spot of exercise.

Bring the Inspiration

Finally, it’s worthwhile inspiring your employees – and yourself – by having inspiration quotes and photos pinned around the office. It’s easy to get bogged down with the day to day details of work, and having a reminder of the bigger things in life you’re striving for will help focus the minds of the workforce.