How To Make Your Business Safe For Employees

Your employees are important to you – without them, your business wouldn’t be able to run. It’s also your duty to make sure that they are safe so that they can do their jobs effectively and to prevent accidents and even fatalities that could have been avoided. Here are some simple steps to ensuring that your business is safe for employees.

Give them proper training

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Training is an important element of health and safety in the workplace, and you should make sure that every employee that ends up on your payroll is given at least a basic health and safety training session so that they know how to conduct themselves safely in the workplace as well as what to do in the event of an accident. Training can address issues such as not knowing what to do in the event of a fire, how to deal with intruders or attackers, what to do if there’s an accident as well as basic rules that you expect all employees to follow. Basic training should be refreshed every 1-2 years and more advanced safety courses such as working from height, should be given to those who need it.

Buy from trusted suppliers

It’s vital that you buy supplies and products from suppliers who are trustworthy and have the right licenses to sell their products. Large businesses that order fuel and lubricants for their transport operations need to make sure they are bought from legitimate suppliers, rather than the cheapest who may not be 100% trustworthy. Electrical equipment should also be bought from trusted manufacturers, and any second-hand goods should come from an approved retailer.

Ensure regular checks are made

All of your equipment should be tested for electrical safety when it comes into the workplace. This can be anything from a phone charger to your heating or anything that is going to be used by your business. If you conduct operations away from site, this equipment will also need to be tested to make sure that it is safe for use and to avoid any insurance liability should something go wrong. You must also ensure that your business is safe for physical operations. Make sure you log testing for all equipment (either on the appliance itself or in a document), alongside dates for when the next round of testing is needed.

Offer wellbeing days and activities

Your employees’ wellbeing is also important and should be something you keep in mind whenever you decide on perks or when implementing new policies. Offering private healthcare, or the option of discounted private healthcare, gym memberships, on-site exercise classes such as yoga as well as access to counseling and therapy services will not only help keep your employees healthy and productive but will make them feel more valued too. It’s easy to establish an employee wellbeing program, with different cost-effective options depending on your requirements and budget.

By making your workplace safe and secure for employees, you are not only protecting yourself from legal action but showing that you’re a responsible and caring business owner too. Staff safety is an important consideration and should always be assessed regularly to ensure continued safety in the workplace.

Consolidation of your business debt for rescuing your company from troubled patches

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A business debt consolidation is a definitely effective and time-honored measure to restructure and use your costly and existing business debts types. These debts come from corporate credit cards and institutions, creditors, lenders, suppliers and collection agencies. The prime advantage of the process of business debt consolidation is that it enables all borrowers to bolster the liquidity or cash flow of their businesses. It can curb many administration costs to a great extent, especially if your business entails different creditors for catering to every month. Consolidating your loans into a giant loan is the primary procedure and you need to aware of all advantages and flipsides in this context.

The primary aspects

Just like any form of debt consolidation, you first need to ensure that every payment can enable you to track and meet the regular expenses of managing your organization and its activities. You need to know and be comfortable with the length, reach and dynamics of the new arrangement. If that doesn’t happen, then you’re simply being wrong to stave off the most inevitable and imminent thing. Generally speaking, since companies exist for the sole objective of making profit and crafting revenue and small firms are often heavily armored with business owned assets, the organization’s revenue isn’t sufficient to cover your operating expenses; you will land up in trouble.

Figuring out the odds

You know that if revenue created from profit has to entail the operating expenses, or else your company will run at a loss. Another crucial thing is that if your projected growth is unrealistic or unsustainable, lenders will be unwilling to risk providing your cash in any way. Under these specific circumstances, you can always go for a corporate voluntary arrangement. Many businesses also opt for individual voluntary arrangement. The appropriate set depends on the overall legal structure of your business. Although some consider this as a viable alternative to debt consolidation, the latter is more crucial in the market.

Considering the factors

Taking out a big or small loan while you’re already neck-deep in debt is rarely the cure for a serious debt crisis. In reality, debt consolidation through loan will increase the net owed amount. In this regard, the refinancing part must encompass the prevailing debts along with the interest on the new loan. It needs to stretch the loan payments out over continued period of time. This loan type could be an apt remedy in certain circumstances. For those crippled by a massive debt plague, you can find alternative solutions that have the potential to reduce the amount you need to repay. You need to reduce the amount you owe for this.

Gauging the situation

You can opt for debt consolidation loan while consolidating a significantly small debt amount. It includes many smaller debts with increased interest rates like credit cars. They curb your monthly payment edifice to an amount that helps you comply with your living expenses per month. You can then repay the debt in a proper timeline.

8 Top Timeless Website Principles


As technology is something that moves at such a rapid rate, it may be strange to think about web design as being timeless. And while there is no doubt that new trends are coming in all the time, the overall aims of your website will remain the same. Probably top of the list is informing people about what your business actually does in the first place.

Even if you are not building the website yourself, you should still be playing an active role in shaping and deciding what the finished product will actually look like whether you are working with a single developer or a company like After all, this will end up acting as the shop window of your business and is the place that all new and potential clients will visit at some point down the line. That is why it is useful that you are aware of some timeless website design principles so you are in a good position to create a website that stands the test of time.

Clear Content

You can have the fanciest looking website in the world packed with innovative design features, but if it is not clear what exactly your company does, people are not likely to stick around to find out. Try to use short, sharp sentences that get your core messages across as quickly as possible. The most commonly used device to access the internet is now the mobile phone, so getting your message across using a limited number of words becomes even more important. Once you have grabbed people’s attention, they are more likely to read on and find out what else you have to say. Support any written content with some strong imagery and videos so that you are covering all bases. You should also make sure all your pages have a clear call to action so people know exactly how to get in contact with you if they are looking for further information.

Easy-to-Use Navigation

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Though website navigation principles are always changing, you want to make sure that it is easy for people to find their way around your site. One of the most common ideas that is used these days is having multiple ways to get around; as well as the top menu, there are other stand-alone buttons that allow people to easily access the most important parts of the site. Keep all the names of the pages as straightforward and general as possible so visitors can find exactly what they are looking for. A good idea is to have a few different people trial your website to see how easily they can work their way through it. Give them specific bits of information to find and see how long it takes them to get there.


You should make sure that the website that you end up creating is completely personal to your business. Once you have established your branding, logo and colour scheme, you should ensure that it is used throughout your website. Rather than going for generic stock imagery, you could have your own taken by a professional photographer to add a personal touch. Have a page on the site that tells your story and the reasons that you decided to establish a business in the first place. Establish a tone of voice that is unique to your business. People tend to prefer websites that instantly put them at ease and make them feel comfortable. Even if you decide to update your website over time as design trends change, make sure not to lose the personal touch that could make you stand apart from your competitors.


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Nowadays, people visit websites so that they are able to interact with businesses. The easier they are able to do this, the more likely it is that you can open up a dialogue with them to encourage customer loyalty. Obviously, you will have your email address and phone number clearly on display, but many websites now have an instant chat feature so people don’t have to wait to get their questions answered. Your website should also be closely linked to your social media accounts, which is one of the best ways of encouraging interaction from your customers. As well as this, you should also have a blog page where you regularly post interesting articles about your business and the industry as a whole. Underneath, you can have a comments section where people can react to your articles. Remember to reply to each one individually as another way of showing that you really care what your customers have to say.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the top timeless principles of creating a website is making sure that it is designed with search engine optimisation (SEO) firmly in mind. You may have an expertly designed website that does everything you want it to, but if nobody is able to find it, it won’t do you a whole lot of good. Making sure the content is clear, readable and has a focus on keywords should be one of your top priorities. We have already talked about having a blog page on your site, but this is so important so that you keep your site updated with the fresh content that search engines have been shown to react well to. You should also have a link building strategy in place, making sure that you continually work to get links back to your site from other reputable websites. With so many different SEO agencies out there these days, it makes sense to consult with one of them to get a full picture of what you need to be doing.

Colour Scheme


Though what constitutes a strong colour scheme changes over time, there is no doubt that this has a major impact on the overall user experience. For example, colours that are complementary create a sense of balance and harmony. One of the top enduring principles is to make sure that you use contrasting colours for the text and background. This will make it much easier on the eye and won’t force people to work hard to read what is actually on the page. Colours that are more vibrant and eye-catching tend to be very emotive for people, so they shouldn’t be overused as this can make the overall user experience too overwhelming. Finally, making use of white or negative space is a major factor in helping your site to look modern and uncluttered.

Site Layout

The actual layout of a website is something that is always changing and adapting as design trends move in and out of popularity. But one particular layout that has shown itself to be timeless is the grid based system. If you spread your content in a random fashion all over the page, it is much harder for people to take it all in. A grid based approach is much more logical, arranging the content clearly into sections, columns and boxes that have a sense of balance. Whatever type of layout you eventually decide on, it is worth remembering the “F” pattern design rule. If you have never heard of this before, you are certainly not alone. Various studies have been conducted that clearly demonstrate that people tend to scan over a computer screen in a clear F pattern. The top and left of the screen tends to be what people pay attention to, while the right of the screen is not looked at as often. Instead of forcing the visual flow, a well designed website will capitalise on the natural behaviour of the user.

An Adaptive Website

In recent times, more and more people are using a range of different devices to access the internet. That is why it is so important that you have a site that is easy to use regardless of what device it is being accessed on. Most website development agencies will advise you about creating a site that is accessible on other devices, but you need to work out whether you would prefer a responsive website or one that has been specifically designed for mobiles. It all comes down to the overall functionality of your site and what its main purpose is.

These are just a few of the main things to focus on when it comes to creating your website. Remember, it is ultimately going to be hugely important to your business for as long as it runs, so getting these principles right to begin with will set you down the path to success. Over time, website design principles will continue to change and adapt, but you should never lose sight of what the main aims of your site are. The best websites are easy to use, but they are also constantly changing so people are encouraged to come back time and time again. Whenever your site is going through some changes, make sure you are totally happy with how this will affect the overall user experience.

Boss Baby: Staying Motivated When Working From Home

Being a mum is probably the toughest job in the world. It’s underpaid, it has long hours and there’s never a decent enough break. When you add a job on top of your duties as a mother, you’ve just about broken the mould on how much you can stretch yourself as a person. As a woman, the working world is a dog fight. You’re constantly fighting to stay on top, better yourself in business and stay balanced with your home life. This is where working from home is a Godsend.

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So much of the world is turning to technology, as it’s open 24/7. This encourages more flexible working and remote opportunities for working around your family. Working from home gives you a freedom that the four walls of the office do not. If you have a family and you want to switch to freelancing, you may find that you need to get yourself further educated to be able to do so. Having young children can be unpredictable, but the yearning for a career, earnings and a sense of self is so strong for some women.

Before you make the decision to change careers, or further yourself in the job you already do, think about the steps you need to take to get there. If your current job doesn’t offer you the opportunity to further your knowledge or work from home, you need to take your destiny into your own hands. Go online with Maryville University and top up your qualifications. Take that refresher into the working world and pad your CV with everything you’ve learned. Then, find the role you always dreamed of and make it what you can from home. It doesn’t have to be difficult to leave your new baby, when you can work from your own home.

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Motivation is the biggest stickler when you don’t have to turn up at an office. You still need to earn a wage, so while the office hours aren’t as fixed, you still need to carve out time in your day that you dedicate purely for your job. Just because you work from your dining room, doesn’t mean you should pretend that you have a day off. Staying motivated is more than just clocking in and out remotely with your boss. It’s getting up and getting dressed so you feel ready for your day. Dress as you would for work, albeit a little more casually, so that you can feel empowered to complete your tasks efficiently.

If you are able to, use a spare room as an office. You may not have a long commute, but you still need to separate your home life with your work life. The two may blend occasionally but if you can avoid it, do so. You’re a working mother, and there will be some moments when you’re balancing a baby while trying to send an email, but this shouldn’t be a very regular occurrence. Having a separate space can give you a concentration you wouldn’t find on the couch.

Being a Mumpreneur is all about staying motivated and while it isn’t always plain sailing, you can make it happen.


Foolproof And Not Aloof! Tricks For Working With Remote Staff

As many working parents will understand, juggling a job and a child is not just two jobs, it’s more like seven! You need a lot of time to raise your child, and if you are running a business concurrently, it can feel like you’re splitting your parenting duties between the two. It’s no surprise then that many people opt to run their businesses from their own home so they can kill two birds with one stone. There are definite advantages on a personal level to doing this, but you also need to find the right methods of leadership that encourage maximum productivity, from your staff as well as from yourself! Remote working isn’t easy from either perspective, so here is how you can ease the stress.


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As a blanket term, getting additional help when it’s possible will be the lifesaver you need. Whether you are overseeing a small team, or you are struggling to manage a team of 60, all working remotely, outsourcing certain tasks to others, either through freelance sites or hiring someone on a part-time basis, will ease the pressure. A virtual assistant is one such job that many remote workers use because of the reduction in workload and the ability to set deadlines for certain tasks, all done in the comfort of your own home.

Utilize The Right Resources

If the same queries with your staff members crop up again and again, to save time in giving the answer, creating a process bible or book of rules that is comprehensive and easy to follow will help you out, but it will also result in fewer mistakes from your staff. If you are managing a team of bloggers, making sure they are using sources that meet your approval will increase quality and quantity. It doesn’t have to be a bible you’ve created yourself, there could be useful online resources too. A site like, for example, can help your writers in every aspect of the blogging process. As long as the resources are clear and easy to follow, it will result in a lot less time wasted.

Communicate Properly


Running a business remotely is going to test your skills in so many ways, and if your communication channels are not the best, your patience will be tested too. Every business has its own method of communicating with their employees, whether it is a daily or weekly email, or regular conference calls, only you can decide what the best method is. But if you don’t see the results you need, you have to look at, firstly, whether your communication channels are right for the work, and secondly, if you are communicating yourself effectively. Do you need to speak to people on a one-to-one basis regularly? If so, is an email conversation the best method? Maybe a phone conversation in the morning will clear up any issues from the previous day and avoid a lot of emails. Even if you don’t have the funds, you can use online hangout tools to quickly chat to someone.