6 Tips to Boost Creativity for Successful Business Ideas

Business ideas that have the highest level of business potential energy always come from an entrepreneur who is creative. Most people start a new business taking inspiration from another successful business and then find themselves failing miserably at it. This is because they are banking on something that is already in the market and there is no creativity in it. Remember it is the ideas that make successful businesses, so here are six tips to increase creativity when thinking about those business ideas.

  1. Always keep a notebook with you because creative ideas don’t come with an announcement. They just barge in your brain and leave as quickly as they came. So it’s best that you write them down. You can come up with awesome ideas when you prepare your launch, watch TV, or even while driving a car or bike.
  2. Be relaxed and never brainstorm while stressed out. You may be running deadlines but remember, haste makes waste. It you are stressed out, watch some TV serial on Netflix or do something similar that relaxes you. There was a friend of mine who was having trouble with Netflix proxy errors and while searching for a way to fix them, he had an amazing business idea.
  3. Change the routines of different things in your life. Add some flavor to your life and start doing things differently. Forget those previous habits that you have and do something new. The experience will give you a new perspective about things and help you in boosting your creativity.
  4. Be observant and carefully consider everything around you. Pat attention to details and appreciate the little things around you. Ask questions from yourself about things you observed and why you looked at them in the first place. Psychologists say that this behavior awakens creativity within people.
  5. Network with successful businessmen and learn from their stories. Contemplate how they achieved their success and what made them go through all those difficulties. Once you get into that state of mind, you start looking at things differently and this awakens creativity within you. Meet people and exchange opinions and experiences with them. This will give you exposure to newer prospects.
  6. Reinvent things around you. Take multiple products and assign them a different perspective. You can also try combining two or three products into one. Think about the different usage of all the products around you. All these activities may assist you to increase your current level of creativity and develop different business ideas.
  7. Try different settings and utilize places that help you boost creativity. Places that can increase creativity are all around you. A creative place can be driving alone in car. Different studies have found that showering in your bath, boring meetings and running are activities that actually help you with having creative ideas.

These were seven tips that can help you boost your creativity and thing of that perfect business idea that can be fruitful for you and your young child. Try them out and tell us how they worked for you.

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School Lessons Which Apply To Running A Business

School? It’s just an easy holding pen for kids and it has nothing to do with the real world. Life starts when you get a “proper” job. Sadly, that is how lots of adults view their time in education. Yes, there are differences between university and a fast-paced work environment, but it doesn’t mean learning is obsolete. On the contrary, there are lots of life lessons which stick with people from their first day of nursery school to retirement.

Here are the skills you developed in school which will help create a successful business.


You’re late! The three words every student dreaded and still dread to hear. There is nothing worse than being told off because you woke up late or the bus broke down. Why? It’s because the teacher always made an example of the late attendees and it was embarrassing. Well, it’s good that they did, even if you didn’t think so at the time because punctuality is a prerequisite for businessmen and women. If you are late to a meeting, the client will cancel. If you don’t deliver promises on time, they will take their business elsewhere. By being prompt, you give the company the best opportunity to develop a healthy reputation which generates leads.

Quest For Knowledge

So, you don’t think you liked school? Don’t you think it had an impact on your desire to learn? The ages of 11 to 18 may not have been perfect, but that doesn’t mean school was all bad. Today, there will be topics which get your creative juices flowing and encourage you to learn. And, that is a remnant of your education. The best business people from around the world continue to read and study to this day. From studying Masters of Marketing online to reading a business book, they realise knowledge is power. You just have to find a way to channel it into something enjoyable.

Interacting With Power People

There was a hierarchy at school: the teachers at the top and everyone else underneath. As such, students had to find creative ways to debate and question the methods of the men and women in charge. It might have been a funny quip or pointing out hypocrisies, but students found a way to interact. There is no better experience for a business person to have because the balance of power is seemingly in the hands of customers and clients. However, you need to nudge them in the right direction to get the best results, and you can do this with words that gently manipulate.


Maybe Microsoft didn’t exist when you were at school, but presentations have been around for years. Nowadays, they are mandatory for students, employees and employers alike. For the people who are familiar with public speaking, this isn’t a problem because they understand the basics. The rest struggle because it’s an art which requires practice. Even though it was a classroom full of friends, you can draw on that experience the next time you address a crowd.

See, your your schools days weren’t so bad after all!

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New Year To Do List For Big Planners And Organisers

You are a natural-born planner and love being the person behind a masterplan. Having everything organised gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction and well being and deep down you know things make more sense when there is a logic to them, whatever that may be.  

Whilst some people might never understand your frame of mind, you should be proud of who you have turned out to be; not that many people enjoy being on top of projects and life-plans. In order to make sure you have a terrific year, we have prepared a number of tips below for you to make the most of your unique skills!

Plan a big party for the end of February

Now that the year is over, you have all this energy to spare and with your family taking control of the Christmas preparations you have nowhere to spend this. With your great planning and organising skills, there is something you could do that would satisfy large numbers of people. Why not throw a big party at the end of February and before the colder weather starts to take hold of the country? This could be a great way of showing your skills off to your friends by putting together a cool pool party with some summery drinks and fancy costumes. If you’ve never planned any big events in the past, read the Complete Event Planning Guide. It will give you some ideas into party-planning.

Enter higher education

Your family told you you would make a great planner and you have always wanted to put your skills professionally into practice but never really came across a course that you found that interesting. If you like seeing projects completed and following these through from the conception stage, and are interesting in what experts do to measure risk and avert this by putting in place a solid strategy, then you could be interested in enrolling in the online Project Management Graduate Diploma that RMIT are offering. Having run courses in project management for over 20 years, they are a good institution to join.

Plan a long trip

You and your boyfriend have long been talking about taking the ultimate road trip. He has been putting it off since this involves doing research on the entry requirements placed by each country you intend to visit and also doing some checks on the vaccination requirements of each destination. With time in your hands and a great organised mind to get on with the task, perhaps it’s time you manage this aspect of the trip, the more bureaucratic one. If you and your boyfriend have decided on which countries to visit already, then just compile a list of these and study the visa and health check requirements of each.

Help a friend plan a wedding

You are not getting hitched yet, but your friend is. He proposed in the most wonderful deserted beach in the country and you two have been talking about it ever since. With tears in her eyes it’s all a bit too much for her and you have decided you will help her plan her wedding. Her organisational skills are not very good, anyway, and this will be the perfect wedding gift from you to her. Spend hours talking to her about her boyfriend and childhood. Find out as many quirky details about her life as possible; this will help you find the perfect theme for her wedding. Not saying you have to turn the banquet into The Little Mermaid’s hiding corner, but it would be good to decide on a style for the big day. Find more ideas here!

Rearrange your mother’s jewellery

She can never find what she is looking for in her jewellery box and is always late, as a result, to meet her friends. She has probably mentioned that she would love to be a bit more organised hundreds of times but you have never really known how to help her until now. You have searched in her jewellery box dozens of times (you love her amber pendant from when she was young) and know very well how she feels. The last time you pulled the chain from the box you nearly ripped it off as it was badly entangled with other pieces of jewellery. Start by buying her a bigger jewellery box and make sure it has many compartments where you can fit her various gold items.  

Come up with a brilliant exercise routine

You have been going on all winter about getting fit and showing your body to the nearest world population in a bikini in your local beach. Thing is, you haven’t touched a workout machine in the entire season and your dad has been kind enough to offer you lifts every time you were going out. As a result, exercise is well overdue. Utilise your planning skills to structure an exercise routine that will help you tone your body. Don’t only limit this to a single exercise form but make sure you mix a few; this will ensure your entire body gets a workout and not just your legs, for instance. This video will ignite your inspiration!

Putting all those valuable organisation skills to good use doesn’t need to be a challenge. We shine when we learn to value and appreciate the skills that used to haunt us. Your tidiness needn’t be a curse anymore and instead, you could embark on the above journeys in order to show to the world you are an incredibly talented and organised individual.

Without any further hesitation, get your notebook out and start contacting some bands for that awesome party you are about to organise, undust your pencil case and enroll in that university diploma that you’ve always felt intrigued by or head towards your mum’s bedroom to rearrange her jewellery. Being tidy and a massive planner is something to be proud of and not hide away from your friends or family.

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Starting A Valeting Business

Starting a new valeting business makes sense in this current climate; there are so many cars on the road, and it only seems like a natural growth to see more valeting companies popping up. So, while there are many opportunities for business, there is also a lot of competition out there. You just need to find a way to make your business more desirable than theirs, by offering more than just a high-end cleaning service. You can add in cosmetic body repair, rust treatments and alloy wheel refurbishment to just name a few. It also takes more than just knowing how to valet a car to run a business; you need to know how to market your business, advertise in the right places, be able to manage your business finances and to be confident in the everyday running of the business.


With a valeting business, you have the luxury of choosing whether you would like a fixed premises or a mobile one. The latter allows you to reach more clients and be more flexible. However, it does mean that you have to limit your services a little, as you have to carry your job with you. A fixed property can offer a secure unit, an additional motorised car washer for another level of service, but does limit your clientele to your location – which is key. City centres, partnerships with large shopping centres and along main roads are the best places to look at. However, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be successful in a smaller town or village. Find an opening and take it.


You need to have the right business experience before starting out on a venture like this. A valeting business could require a startup cost of anywhere between £4000 and £30,000 depending on the equipment you need and the specialised services you provide. So you need to have a good head for money, and a deep trust in what you are doing before going ahead on this. When employing staff, you need to be looking for experience – particularly for your specialists. You can train people and teach them how to valet a car. But any repairs need to be completed by someone with the right skills and experience to do so.


No matter whether your business is mobile or stationary – you will need insurance. You will have a lot of equipment either in your van or in your unit, and you need to protect them. A motor trade insurance would cover you to move your client’s cars and cover your equipment and premises from theft and damage just to name a couple of things. The more you have in your insurance contract, the more you’re covered, and the more your staff and clients will trust you.


You need to be able to know how to present your company to the world. With so many competitors out there you need your voice to be heard. A great part of any job, and a key thing to ensure return business is customer service. And there are so many aspects of good customer service that you can apply to a marketing strategy.

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Create a marketing quiz the easy way

Have you ever considered making a quiz as part of your marketing strategy? If that’s something you’d like to explore, read on because I’m going to show you how to create a quiz quickly and simply with Typeform.

So why are quizzes so good for marketing? They can help you collect leads, because you ask for an email address before the user takes the quiz. They are also great for engaging with your audience. A quick look around Facebook will show you that people enjoy taking quizzes and sharing the results with their friends.

Not so long ago a downloadable report or ebook was great for generating leads and while these can still work, they don’t grab attention as they once did. Information isn’t exactly in short supply online, so social media users want to have fun, connect with friends and pass some time instead. Even if you feel your role is to educate rather than to entertain you may find your audience responds better to ‘edutainment’ than straightforward information. A quiz ticks all these boxes (see what I did there?!).

I’d created online forms before, but my quiz creation had never got beyond downloadable PDFs. I’d always assumed quiz creation would be a time-consuming, fiddly process, so Typeform was a pleasant surprise. The first thing I noticed when I created my account was the very simple, clean interface. That might sound like a minor design detail, but I often get that “Sigh, that’s something else to learn” feeling when I sign up to a new platform and I’m faced with lots of features, especially the pop-up walk throughs. Not with Typeform.

Quizzes also need to be quick from the end-user’s point of view if they are going to answer all the questions and share with their friends. I checked out an example quiz and found it very quick and intuitive to fill in. I didn’t even need a mouse, I just typed and hit the enter key.

typeform quiz

Then, I created my own quiz based on a template. The template was a ‘ready made’ quiz and I just had edit the questions and answers to change them to my own:

As you can see, you can have multiple choice, drop-down, picture and long or short text questions as well as many other types. You can even take payments if you want. This could be really useful if you’re getting started with online selling but aren’t ready for a full e-commerce solution yet.

typeform quiz builder

If you’re wondering what this all costs, well I was too! The free plan gives you plenty of opportunities to get to know Typeform and decide if it’s for you, and you can unlock Pro features by upgrading if you want to. The paid plans start from £24 a month which is very reasonable considering all the features available, including the ability to send data to 500+ apps including Zapier. This price includes other types of form besides quizzes, including branding questionnaires, customer surveys, event registration forms, application forms, contact forms and many more.