How to Properly Present Your New Business to the World

Presenting your business to the world is a tricky proposition when you’re just starting out, but it’s vital to come out of the gates as strong as you can. People will be keen to judge your business almost immediately, and customers won’t care if you’re just finding your feet. This makes life very difficult indeed for you, but it’s a challenge you should embrace rather than shy away from. Here’s how you can properly present your new business to the world and be happy with the outcomes.

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Identify Your Key Selling Points

Before you can even think about presenting your business to customers and showing them why your business matters so much, you need to know what your selling points are. What do you want to focus on when it comes to advertising and marketing your business? It should be something that makes you different and makes other people excited. Whatever you do, don’t be bland with the things you focus on.

Be the Face of Your Business

In those early days, you can be really useful as an individual because you’ll become the face of your business. If you’re personable and enjoy talking enthusiastically about your new company, you can put yourself front and centre so that everyone can see a human face to go along with your business. It adds a human touch that other bigger rivals might not have.

Attend a Relevant Trade Show

Trade shows are ideal for companies that are starting out and want to show people what they have to offer. Head to and start working on your exhibition. It needs to sum up what your business is all about and what makes it different from all the other companies already working in your industry. On top of that, it really needs to be attention-grabbing.

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Make Media Contacts Online and Offline

Having contacts in the local media can be really helpful because it might help your new business get some free coverage. Just make sure you have a hook that would get media figures interested in what you’re doing; there has to be a story there. At the same time, look to online options, such as bloggers or vloggers who you might be able to work with on promotions going forward.

If You Make Promises, You Better Make Sure You Can Keep Them

If there’s one thing customers hate more than anything from businesses, it’s broken promises. It’s so easy to promise the Earth when you’re just starting out because you simply want to get people interested in your company. However, promising things you know you’ll probably never be able to deliver on will send people the wrong messages. Why would they ever trust your company again after you break promises that have been made?

Those early impressions people get of your business could end up lasting a long time, so don’t underestimate the importance of presenting your business in the right way early on. It could be Male or break for you, so make use of the tips outlined here. They’ll serve you very well indeed.

It’s Time To Look At Your Office As A Real Asset

In any business, it is vital to ensure that you are aware of your assets. You need to know what assets you have, what they are worth and how to make the most of them if you want to keep your business going strong at all times. As it happens, there is one particular asset which every business has which is constantly overlooked – the office. A common mistake is thinking that if you don’t own the office it is not really an asset – but that’s not true. As we shall see, just having an office means you have plenty on your hands to work with. Knowing this, and knowing how to make use of it all, will ensure that you can keep your business in a stronger financial position – without really having to do much.

Go For Durable Materials

It is tempting when you are fitting out an office to go for the cheapest materials, and it can seem as though there is logic to this. However, it is actually truer and more sensible to try and find more durable materials which you can then use as a resource later on in the future. The perfect example of how to approach this can be seen in the furniture – even down to details such as the carpeting. Carpets tend to suffer a lot of damage, especially in high footfall areas, so using axminster carpet can help to keep its value for longer. This is generally cheaper than having to replace the carpets down the line, so overall you will be saving money for your business in a powerful way. These details are worth looking into, and the more durable your materials are, the better.

Choose Your Tech Well

One of the biggest ways in which your office can hold a lot of value is in the technology, and there is much to be said for choosing your technology in a sensible manner. If you manage to choose tech which you can rely on for the foreseeable future, it means that you will probably be able to save quite a lot of money – and in the worst case scenario, you have a lot of value which you can therefore sell on. The better the tech, the more value it holds, so this is something that you should really not overlook if you can help it. It will also mean that you can do your work more effectively, so it is something of a double whammy to get this right.

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Renting Versus Buying

At some point down the line, you need to try and choose whether you are going to rent or buy your offices. Generally, you will want to make this decision after your business has gained some considerable financial strength, as that will enable you to be in a much better position to make the right decision. Buying can mean that you have something of huge value which will probably only increase in value too – but renting can mean that you are not putting all of your money into one place. The decision is up to you – but it’s one that you should consider and reconsider time and again.

5 Things Slowing Down Your Business (And How To Beat Them)

Many companies run on a tight schedule and can’t afford to be slowed down by inconveniences. Many of these inconveniences are things you may have overlooked – you may consider them part and parcel of the job. Here are just a few of the biggest offenders that are slowing down your business, as well as some advice on how you can overcome these obstacles.

Software saturation

Too much software can result in information being spread out all over the place. Not only that but it can slow your computer down. Rather than having to open multiple programmes to find the information you want, it could be worth investing in software such as Employsure that puts everything in one easy-to-find location. You may even be able to pay a software developer to make your own software that combines the functions of multiple programmes.

Frustrating phonecalls

Tired of constantly being interrupted by phonecalls? Some of these people calling you may have important information or they could be future clients – you don’t want their calls to go unanswered. However, phonecalls can eat away at your day and distract you from pressing matters. One way to deal with phonecalls is to let them all go to your answer machine, allowing you to ring people back when you’re free, however not everyone likes to leave messages and this could have negative implications. Instead, you could consider outsourcing a phone answering service such as Brainy Call – these companies can filter out the sales calls and general inquiries so that you only have to deal with the most pressing phonecalls.

Endless emails

On top of phonecalls, the endless stream of emails can slow many of us down. Keeping on top of your inbox could involve delegating periods of time each time simply for opening and answering each email. You could reduce the amount of emails you get by not publicly displaying it, but instead using a submission form on your website that leads to your email address – many people sending advertising spam won’t bother to fill out this form. Alternatively, as with phonecalls, you could delegate or outsource someone to go through your emails, filtering out the important ones that only you can answer whilst handling the rest.

Monotonous meetings

Meetings may seem like an important organisational task, but in this digital age they can often be a waste of time. If you want an update on progress from your employees, you could instead make use of project management software, which allows everyone to tick off tasks as they’re completed. If you want to brainstorm, you could find that having people email you your ideas or write them on a whiteboard is just as effective (this can encourage silent employees to speak up). As for meetings with clients, these could be reduced to phonecalls or email exchanges in most cases (video-communication could allow an in-person chat without anyone having to travel). The only real reason for using meetings should be notify people of company news and updates – and even this could be sent out as a mass email.

Arduous admin

When it comes to specific management tasks like accounting and completing the payroll, these can often be time-consuming. However, there are ways to make these tasks easier. You could outsource them to an accountant. Alternatively, you could use software to speed them up. This could allow you more free time focus on core tasks by automating/delegating these admin roles.  

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Your Online Content, Your Everything

For a lot of people, online content has become a natural part of their everyday life. It’s not only easy to consume, but it is also quickly accessible and, more often than not, simple to manage. While online data multiply on a daily basis, you can get overwhelmed by the sheer volume and sometimes forget what online content really means on a personal basis. Indeed, as we all share, exchange, create and consume content online, it’s become essential to dive in and discover the four key pillar of digital content and how they can affect you in your day-to-day life.

Content means security

Digitalized content is often perceived as safer than paper archives. Indeed, it has the advantage of being indexable in a multitude of archiving systems simultaneously, making it, therefore, quicker and easier to access. All it takes is 0.1 second for your laptop to find the data you’re looking for. But, ultimately, online content can be exposed to a privacy breach. If your data storage has been corrupted, you might lose valuable information, or worse, you might unwillingly expose information to cybercriminals. In the context of business, you have a responsibility to ensure the protection of the content your store online. But hackers can work faster than security systems!

Content means money

In the business world, online content is often synonymous with income. Indeed, most clients discover the product or service they need online; the online content can, therefore, lead to a purchase action. Factors such as SEO and PPC can also facilitate your visibility and encourage a sale. Additionally, when the creation of online content is the core of your business, such as for bloggers, the possibility to join affiliate programs such as Wowtrk can also generate extra income. Here too, SEO and sheer volume of visitors are key to guarantee your success.

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Content means expertise

More often than not, for those who are looking to attract new clients, or even to impress future employers, the creation of online content is closely linked to the display of expertise. For companies, this can be part of their blogging and content generation strategy, where they can invite experts to discuss hot topics. For individuals, the example of Nina from Airbnb comes to mind. Nina chose to apply to the company by creating her own website to display the result of her research into Airbnb’s future market opportunities. She then shared her findings with the company and was successfully welcomed as a new team member.

Content means connection

Online content, in the form of chat or comment feeds, is part of Millennial communication. More and more adults turn to the online world to share their personal struggles with strangers. As surprising as it might sound, you will find more people ready to listen and advise than trolls trying to hurt you. That’s because, online content is part of creating a bond between people, wherever they are and regardless of their status and beliefs. The goodness of strangers online can be a life-changing experience.

In the end, online content defines who we are and what we want to be. It’s used for security, financial profit, career growth, and even emotional support. We are, ultimately, the content we share.

Common Work-From-Home Errors to Avoid

There is no denying that there are many benefits that are associated with working from home. Not only does this enable you to work in a comfortable environment and have more flexible working hours, but it can be great for parents especially, as they do not need to spend as much on childcare. It also means you don’t have to spend your life commuting and dealing with the costs that come with this. Nevertheless, working from home can be very different when compared with working in an office, and so you need to avoid some of the most common blunders mentioned below…

Working in your pyjamas – There is only one place to begin, and this is with working in your pyjamas! A lot of people assume that this is the main perk associated with working from home. However, if you wear your pyjamas, you will go into lazy mode, and this will make it difficult for you to work as efficiently as possible.

Failing to secure your computer – Cyber security is something that all businesses need to be concerned with. This includes businesses that are operated from home. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big business or you are a one-man band, all companies are a target when it comes to hackers. They will view you as an easy payday. So, make sure you take cyber security seriously and that you put the methods in place to protect yourself from a data breach.

Poor communication – It can be more difficult to communicate with clients when you are home-based. However, it does not need to be this way. There are so many communication options available to you, from video chats to email. Make sure you use the right communication platform based on the information that needs to be conveyed or the discussion that needs to be had.

Handling tax incorrectly – Your tax obligations are likely to be slightly different when working from home. This is especially the case if you have a number of different clients – your tax setup may differ based on who you are working for and what they are employing you as – i.e. whether you are considered a freelancer or contractor. It’s important to get your tax obligations right. You also need to look into what happens if you get it wrong. What is a Director’s Penalty Notice? What happens if you are served with one? What are some of the common mistakes that are made when filing tax as a work from home professional? Read up on subjects like this so you can make sure you have the education that is required.

As you can see, working from home is not without its challenges. However, if you prepare for these challenges, you can ensure everything runs smoothly and that your home business is as profitable and efficient as possible. If you are currently making any of the mistakes mentioned, rectify them as soon as you can, and you are bound to notice a difference.

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