Internet Marketing Strategies for your law firm

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In today’s technological age, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all market trends within any industry without using advance marketing strategies. Technology and the Internet have revolutionized communication, business operations, and the modes of interactions between various companies and their respective customers. For law firms, this is a critical time to consider Internet marketing. Digital media not only provides creative ways of marketing your law firm, but it has also become the standard by which potential clients judge businesses.

Before going into Internet marketing, it is worth understanding that not all strategies are suitable for the law industry. Some approaches work better in one industry than another. Here you are going to learn some of the best strategies that your law firm should utilize for successful Internet marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a strategy that involves optimizing your law website to make it more desirable for search engines. Potential clients are always looking for legal advice online, and you want your site to be among the top ones that pop up on the results page when they type in a search. The first step to effective SEO is creating original content for your website. Write original, informative posts with keywords that comprise of popular local and practice area search terms. As many searchers land on your site for information, they are more likely to utilize your services.

Make sure that your website’s design, layout, and structure are appealing to readers and search engines. An organized site is more likely to rank higher on search engines as compared to one with poor readability and navigation. Also, it will attract traffic and increase the rate at which visitors respond to your call to action.

Social Media Marketing

Numerous law firms today acquire clients as a result of direct engagement on social media. This is an impressive way of increasing returns on investment, considering how inexpensive it can be to run a social media profile. Thousands of potential legal clients have social profiles on the major sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and you can target them by creating a business page on these platforms.

Successful Internet marketing for lawyers requires more than just creating a social profile. You have to attract an audience by availing useful legal content for your audience. Provide legal advice and tips for your audience and provide a link to your website for more info. Respond to your followers’ queries and build a close relationship with them. Also, make use of Facebook ads to help you get many people who need your services.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a technique where you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your adverts and visits your site. When used with the right keywords, pay per click advertising can help drive traffic to your site and boost its conversion rate. It is even more efficient in the legal industry as people who click “law” on law ads are most likely seeking legal services. The amount you pay for PPC depends on various factors such as the competitiveness of the keyword.

For PPC advertising to be efficient, you need to ensure that your landing page and call to action are appealing. Design a user-friendly and organized landing page that’s easy to navigate both on mobile and desktop devices. Also, create a captivating, visible, and precise call to action that will prompt visitors to call your company for legal services or sign up for your newsletters.

Your law firm’s Internet marketing budget should include a combination of these strategies for optimal results. Come up with an automated system for tracking your leads from search engines, social media, PPC, and ads. This way, you can follow up with the prospective clients who show interest in your services.

SEO 2017: A Beginners Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key factor in driving traffic to your website. Incorporating the newest SEO techniques will make your web page appear higher in the search results of Google or Bing. Unique, high-quality content with a reasonable number of keywords is still the foundation of SEO. The frequency of new content keeps your website fresh and appealing. Guest posting services can help establish a routine for publishing new content. Sharing the responsibility for content creation with someone else will give you more time to interact with your customers.

The technical back-end factors can heavily influence search engines. An XML sitemap tells search engines how to index your site. Faster is better. A web page that loads slowly or has broken links will push your site down in the search results. The newest Google Penguin algorithm looks for human-friendly websites. Penguin gives you points for high quality and relevant data. It takes away points for sites using keyword stuffing and link buying. Pleasing Penguin will not only improve your search ranking, but it will also give your visitors a better experience.

The goal of “off-page” SEO is to appeal to the majority of Internet users are active on social media. Sharing images, videos, and interesting graphics draw traffic to your site. More importantly, visual content is more likely to be shared with other users on Facebook and Twitter. One study found that the engagement rate for visual content is 600 times the engagement rate of text-only information. See the infographic below for more information.

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Success Might Not Come Easy But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Possible

The fact is that 50% of new businesses fail within the first year – that’s a scary statistic, isn’t it? When launching a business, now entrepreneur thinks that their business will fail, but the reality is that one out of two businesses won’t last a year. Although those statistics are terrifying, don’t let them put you off. Just because success isn’t guaranteed to come easily, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to succeed, because that isn’t true.

It is possible to make a success of your business; it’s just a case of understanding what it takes to do so. To make your business work, you need to have a range of planning skills and be flexible, as well as taking the time to know what the steps are to success. To make this easier, below is a list of steps to take to ensure that your business is successful.

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Be organised

To run a successful business, you need to be organized. By being organized, you will find it easier to stay on top of things that need doing and will be more likely to complete tasks on time. One of the best ways to stay organized regardless of how busy you are is to create a to-do list of tasks that need doing each day, ticking them off as they are completed.

Undergo the necessary training

You don’t necessarily have to undergo training to run a business successfully, but sometimes it can help. Whether you want to learn more about social media management by signing up for a digital marketing masters or you want to find out how to run your business more efficiently by choosing to apply for a masters in operations management, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get the skills and knowledge that you need to run your business successfully.

Analyze your competition

There’s no getting away from the fact that in the business industry competition is fierce. However, aim to see this as a good thing, as it’s competition that allows you to grow as a brand – believe it or not, competition tends to yield the best results. Study how your competitors work and learn from them – after all, if their business is a success they must be doing something right.

Be a creative thinker

As a business owner, you have to be a creative thinker. Otherwise, you will struggle to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. What you want to do is use creative thinking to find ways of improving your business and ensuring that what you are offering is unique in one way or another.

Know how to keep yourself focused

If you are serious about making a go of your venture, you need to ensure that no matter what you stay focused. The fact is that staying motivated and working productively isn’t always easy, especially when it doesn’t seem to be having any impact.

Admittedly, business success might not come easily, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. By taking note of the tips above, you can ensure that you give your venture every chance of success possible.

Important Items Needed to Start up a New Office for Business

When you are on a stage of setting up an office for your new business, you sometimes miss out something in hurry.  So, before going to shop for your new office items, you must first recognize all the things, even minute things, for your daily or work use. Make a checklist of the items that will be used in your office, otherwise you will be confused and it will not be a  surprise to find yourself running around in circles before you’re able to focus your efforts and create an office that will help you work productively. Here we provide you the essential items that you will need for your new office. Use this checklist to develop a well-rounded yet streamlined list of what you need in your office. Check the items you absolutely need, and circle the items you may eventually want to add to create a prioritized list of your office essentials.

Laptops and Desktops

This will apply to every of us to have a personal laptop with them every time. To get your desired laptop, do your research so you can select a laptop that meets your specific needs. You clearly need a monitor if you have a desktop computer, but it can also be useful, also better for your neck, to have a monitor you plug into your laptop. Depending on the work you do, you may also consider dual monitors.


Ideally, you will have space for a traditional desk and a comfortable chair, which is one of the most important parts of an efficient office, where you create your workstation. But, if you want to give your office a creative and unique touch, you can go for trendy and modern furniture at as they have the furniture of your choice.  Again, comfort count when it comes to sitting for such a long time, so make sure you test out your furniture before making a purchase.

Internet and Telephones

To work efficiently online, a high speed broadband connection is essential. You should also consider a wireless router if you have a laptop and computers located in different parts of your office. With the advancement of technology, you may not need a traditional landline telephone, but access to a phone service is usually necessary when working in office.

Printers and UPS

A printer and scanner have become equally important as laptops and internet. There may occur situations when you need to scan, fax and even make copies. If this is common in your business, look into multipurpose machines that can manage all of these tasks. And also a UPS is needed, in case your electricity goes out as it provides you with useful buffer time to save your work and safely shut down your equipment.

Backup Drive

You will need to have a plan for backing up and protecting your data. You can use cloud-based backup services to copy your files automatically. External drives and personal servers are relatively affordable and can also save your business in the case of computer failure.

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Having It All – Can You Really Run A Part-Time Business And Study For A Degree While Looking After A Young Child?

If you spend a lot of time on the web, you may see plenty of advice for mothers who want to stay at home with their kids but also make use of some of that time to do things that make money for the family, or help them in their careers later on when the kids are in school and they want to return to work.

Business, Study, or Both?

Running a home business is one thing that a lot of parents decide to do and there are plenty of options from working as a freelancer from home to starting your own e-commerce site, as well as other options like network sales or affiliate marketing, which can also be run part-time from home.

Another thing often suggested for women who want to use their time at home with their baby to help them in the future, is to do an online degree. Lots of good universities such as the University of Cincinnati have a huge range of bachelors and masters degrees you can study from home in your own time, from things that can directly feed into a future career like a masters in criminal justice (or online CJ degree if you don’t have a bachelor degree yet), to things that can help you move up in the corporate world if you return to your old career, like an MBA.

But is it possible, or indeed advisable, to try and do both? The short answer is yes, but how easy you’ll find this will depend a lot on how supported you are and how well you can manage your time.

How Much Time Do You Actually Have?

The first thing to consider if you are thinking of taking the plunge and studying and running a small business while you look after your baby at home is how many hours in a typical day you have that could be devoted to these things. This will depend a lot on whether you have help with childcare from your partner or family, how old your children are (and how many you have), and what your daily schedule is like. You may find you have time during the day when you could work on your business, and time in the evening when you could study, but be careful not to commit every spare moment – this will be too much pressure and you need some time to have fun and relax too!

Do You Mind if It Takes A While?

Of course, even if you don’t have much time at home when you could be studying on top of your business and baby, then you could still get some benefits by studying just a few hours a week if you don’t mind it taking a few years longer to complete your course. If this fits with your long term goals, then studying on a very part time basis is still getting you further forward than not studying at all.

It may not be easy, and whether it is possible at all will depend on your own schedule, but if you want to and aren’t too strict on how fast you want to complete an online course, you can indeed have it all and come out of your stay-at-home mom period with both a business and a qualification!

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