Independent TV company is looking for working mums

I’ve just received an email from Saskia Wilson, producer and director at Tv company betty. Saskia says…

“I’d like to speak to working mums about their experiences and wondered if it might be possible to reach out to mums on your site. The chat would be in confidence & I’m not looking for anyone to appear on screen.

The docu-drama is for a major terrestrial broadcaster and we’d like to make an informative film that looks at some of the issues for parents who are hiring nannies & au pairs in an industry that isn’t regulated and often very difficult to navigate.

Finding the right person to look after your child when you’re at work is a subject that’s really important for parents and I’d really like to have some feedback from mums about what they feel the challenges and issues are with hiring nannies & au pairs. I’m also looking for stories about nannies / au pairs that have turned out to be unsuitable which could be used to form our factual drama script.

The idea in the film is to tell the stories of parents and nannies in their own words whilst retaining their anonymity totally. We would do this by recording interviews with them and then dramatising their stories using actors.

It is estimated in the UK that around 60% of mothers are now in employment and rely on family or a paid service to look after their children. Hiring a nanny or an au pair can be a great solution to returning to work and ensuring your kids receive high-quality childcare. But, with an industry that’s largely unregulated parents have little or no assurances of the quality of nanny they are getting… we are keen to hear from parents about their experiences and to explore the issues.

betty, the independent TV company making this series, has a track record in making sensitive and critically acclaimed films. Documentary credits include The Undateables, a returning series for Channel 4 which follows the journeys of several extraordinary singletons and offers greater insight into the issues, barriers and prejudices faced by people living with challenging conditions and BAFTA nominated Breaking Up With The Joneses for Channel 4, a powerful, sensitive film following one family as they go through divorce.

Please note: the series idea is still in development, which means it’s in the feasibility stage before we embark on production.”

Please email if you’d like to be involved

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