The big fat list of blogs for women business owners

Looking to read more about running a business as a woman?

I thought it would be a nice idea to list all the blogs I know for women who own their own businesses. Some of these I read regularly and others were suggested to me on Twitter, Facebook or in the survey I ran a couple of weeks ago.

Some of the links below aren’t technically blogs, but as long as they include a decent amount of freely available articles or videos I’ve included them. They aren’t all aimed directly at women, but if they have a high proportion of women contributors, commenters or readers I’ve included those too. Also, I’ve included big blogs and small blogs, both new and established, as I find I can learn something from each one of them. I wanted to include as much great info as I could.

Oh and sincere apologies to anyone I’ve missed out – please do leave me a comment if you know of any!

Homeworking experts

Work From Home Wisdom

Support a WAHP

Mammas WorkΒ  At Home (mainly in Greek, just use Google Translate!)

The Work at Home Woman

Awesome Americans

Barefoot Executive (Carrie Wilkerson)

Danielle LaPorte

Marie Forleo

Launch Grow Joy

She Takes On The World

Sheri McConnell

Ali Brown

Client Attraction

Tara Gentile

Erica Douglass

The Word Chef

From Australia and New Zealand…

Build a Little Biz

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Leonie Dawson

Suitcase Entrepreneur

The Best of British

Birds On The Blog

Women Unlimited

Enterprise Nation

The Girls Mean Business

Grace Marshall

Joanne Dewberry

Women’s Way To Wealth

Alison Bradford

Female Entrepreneur Association Blog

More To Life Than Shoes Blog

Everywoman Blog

You Inspire Me Blog

Social media and internet marketing

Laura Roeder

Nicole on The Net



Traffic Generation Cafe

Anne Samoilov


Mums The Boss

Mumpreneur UK


Mums Business Directory (articles section)

Family Friendly Working

Work For Mums

Motivating Mum

Mum’s Got A Business

Elinor Wilde


It’s a WAHM Thing

MOMeo Magazine

The Mogul Mom

The Mom Writes

My wife quit her job

The corporate escape artists

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Free Range Humans

Launch While Working

The marketing heroes


Create Hype

Can Do Can Be

Build a Little Biz

Client Magnets


The Creative Ones

Oh My! Handmade Goodness

Make, Do & Sell

Designing an MBA

Tara Swiger

Phew! Tons of inspiration there, I think πŸ™‚ And if I’ve missed any, please leave me a comment below…

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(Updated January 2013)

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31 Replies to “The big fat list of blogs for women business owners”

  1. thanks Helen – have some of these bookmarked already and will be taking a look at the others – your recommendations have always been great in the past and this looks like another goodie!

  2. Wow, what a great list of blogs! I like the categories as well, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with a blog roll when you don’t know what their core message is. I’ll come back to this list for sure. Thanks so much for sharing and your “survey” idea was *ingenious*

    Francesca Esposito-Rose
    Chief Digital Strategist & Business Coach @ thelikeffect

  3. Thank you very much! The categories are pretty loose, but I thought it would be hard to find your way around such a long list without them. As for the survey – thanks to my fab readers for taking the time to give me their feedback!

  4. This is a great list and I’d love to be included. My name is Tai Goodwin and the blog is an online magazine for EmployedPreneurs – professionals who are launching a business while working fulltime: http/

    Stay Brilliant!

    1. Thanks Tai, I haven’t heard of your blog before so it’s good to ‘meet’ you. πŸ™‚ Loving the idea of an ’employedpreneur’!

  5. Fantastic! I shall be bookmarking this for future reference. It’s so exhausting to be a full time stay at home mum working full time from said home that I’m always looking for inspiration and for the relief that others find it hard at times too

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