Choosing a Party Plan or Direct Selling Company

Direct selling or party plans can be a great way to start off in business.  It’s quick and cheap to get started and you should have much more support than you would get if you were starting up on your own.

(I said should rather than will because you need to check out the support you’ll get from the company and your team leader before you sign up. I’ve written more about this in business ideas for mums: party plans and direct selling.)

It’s tempting to go with a well-known name such as Avon, Kleeneze or Usborne, but there are lots more direct selling companies out there. It’s well worth doing some research before you take the plunge, because you really do need to love the product to succeed.

So what you really need is a list of direct selling and party plan companies? Well here you go… : direct selling opportunities

Family Friendly Working: Franchise, direct selling and party plan directory

Direct Selling Association members

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