Business Ideas For Mums

(This post was last updated on 9 June 2011 – see note at the bottom)

I’m writing articles (like this one) that aim to give you a snapshot of a business idea. This is exactly what I wanted when I was on my first maternity leave, but couldn’t find. I had an idea that I could run a business around my family, but no idea what I could actually do or how it might work.

This is going to take me a while to complete, so in the meantime I thought a list of businesses that you could run as a mum would be useful. I’ll link each idea to the posts as I write them.

Bookkeeper – In the book Start a Family Friendly Business

Web Designer

Graphic Designer – In the book Start a Family Friendly Business


Business coach

Public Relations

Virtual Assistant

Marketing Consultant

Interior Designer

Private Tutor

Personal Trainer


Personal/Life Coach

Running a Pre-School Group

Running Children’s Parties

Running an Information Website (blogging, directory, membership site, information products)

Running an Online Shop

Proof Reader

Journalist – In the book Start a Family Friendly Business

Ironing, Dog walking, Cleaning, Gardening, Pet Sitting, services around the home

Babysitting Agency

Equipment Hire (buggies, baby equipment that parents can hire when they arrive at their destination)

Wedding/Event Planner


Travel Agent

Running a Community Magazine

Direct Selling and Party Plans

Selling on eBay

Developing and Selling a New Product – In the book Start a Family Friendly Business

Making and selling crafts etc – see Turn your creative skill into a business

Holistic/Complementary or Sport Therapist

Beauty Therapist

Antenatal teacher or therapist (also Doula)

Update: 9 June 2011

This post was the seed that grew into the book Start a Family Friendly Business! Some of these posts became part of the book and my co-author Antonia Chitty added many more of her own. I’ve also added links to articles that were posted here on Business Plus Baby after the book was published.

5 Replies to “Business Ideas For Mums”

  1. A good list. Crafting mums should also consider writing and publishing their own craft book. Not as difficult as it might sound with the internet and print-on-demand publishing. You can control the whole thing yourself and it’s very profitable. Traditional publishing might get you 10%, ebooks in particular – a huge growth area – can bring you as much as 90% of cover price.

  2. Great list and very inclusive. I do a combo of a few of these (info websites & selling crafts as well) and just seeing this list gives me a few ideas on areas where I can potentially expand.

  3. Bob, great idea, I hadn’t thought of publishing e-books for crafts specifically, thanks for that.

    Amber, thanks for the feedback, I’m really glad that this has given you areas you can expand.

  4. Hi – we took on the franchise for Treasure Trails in Herefordshire and Worcestershire and its proved to be a great business which could be done around a family. I know they are selling franchises for other parts of the company and would be worth looking into.

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